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1.5k · Feb 1
I am not a starving artist
I have been well nourished
By the sound and seasoned
Crumbs from
The words and music
Paintings and dancers
Athletes and doctors
Parents and teachers
Students and others
Now to savor and
1.3k · Dec 2020
Get Busy
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
My ink is
Running out
But the words
Keep flowing
Paper too
For words
A New pen  
Is near
A napkin
Should get
My poem
1.1k · Jan 2
Brought me back
Couldn't wait to see you
Then when I did
I wondered why
945 · Nov 2020
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Road closed
Store closed
Door closed
Heart closed
Come back for
Opening day
827 · Jan 4
Silence is


When no words
Are spoken
683 · Aug 2020
Poetry of the heart
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Sharing poetry
Exposes one's self
To the elements
One has to weather
The storm
676 · Oct 2020
Covids children
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Where are the children
There's no running or shouting
Children of the block
Its so lonely not watching children outside running and playing distance keeps them apart
647 · Dec 2020
Full Moon
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Funny how you can
Tell the moon
Is full
Even with the
Blinds closed
Radiance of light
Can't help but
Shimmy their way
Through the slits
But you feel it
Like someone is
Looking over you
And you look.up
And a beautiful
Snow colored oval
Stares back at you
Perhaps with a
Knowing smile
549 · Aug 2020
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Rain sounds stir within
My very being
Sometimes I'm scared
Like a lost child
Looking for their mother
Seeking shelter
As rain increases
So do my fears
Of yesteryear and today
Soft patters of rain.
Reminders of dancing
In the rain
Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Perhaps when I'm ready
To weather the storm.
In my heart
543 · Nov 2020
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Men working

What about women
Saw men working sign my thought.about all the women in and outside the home
542 · Dec 2020
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Sometimes I feel
Like a lone duck
In the lake
Surrounded by water
And no one
To share it with
Other times I feel
Like a happy duck
Surrounded by water
And friends to
Share it with
Sometimes I feel
The sun
Reaching from the sky
Patting me dry
With her rays
Other times i.feel
The rain
Falling from the sky
Dancing off my back
Sometimes I feel
The leaves falling
From the trees
Tickling my bill
And someiles I
Feel the wind
Blowing at my feathers
Making me smile
And sometimes
526 · Sep 2020
Day is done
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
night has come
day is done
Put all troubles
behind you
Close your eyes
dream your dreams
of places faraway
no more worries
Just relax
Let your body
be still
good night ladies
farewell gentlemen
509 · Jan 11
Frozen Words
Caught in a snowstorm
A blizzard of words
Going through
My mind
Find the nearest
Grab in my freezing
And begin to write
On a clean
Slate of snow
465 · Sep 2020
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
I need a poem
That will lift me up
Way up to the sky
Chocolates won't do it
Cookies can't compete
Feed my stomach
With food
But my heart
With your poems
443 · Sep 2020
written word
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
There you sit
Paper and pen.
In hand
Ready to write
For you so much easier
Then talking to a
Human being
How come you can't
What you so eloquently
Put on paper
433 · Aug 2020
Momentarily Mad
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Sometimes I get so
mad at me
I feel like a fat teddy bear
But instead of hugging
I want to pull my
Stuffing out
But then I realize
What I'm  made of
And who made me
Just one of those days where you made you and everyone else around miserable but tomorrow is a new day
422 · Nov 2020
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
You circled around
The graveside
Sniffing the ground
Of your owner
.Upon hearing
No answer
You lay down
Let out a howl
And died
404 · Nov 2020
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Broken heart
Broken dishes
Queasy stomach
Long held tears
Bed of roses
Hurtful thorns
Your reality
Has become
My reality
Idea from television show
363 · Jan 19

For me this is how it looks..a blank where nothing is accomplished..well maybe...
357 · Aug 2020
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Early in the morning
My spirits come to haunt me
But I am armed with
Paper and pen
sometimes I just can't sleep  so I do the next best thing write and go back to sleep
344 · Dec 2020
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A man made pool
Of water
In common ground
Where lots of geese
Can swim
Isn't it ironic
A small pool
Of water
Made from.rain
Where less geese
Can swim
And yet more
Want to try
335 · Dec 2020
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Son so full
Of warmth
Waking me early
Warming my heart
You are my constant
Behind the clouds
You peek
Checking me out
While I am checking
You out
333 · Oct 2020
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
You are a
Work of Art
Chiseled from
The Maker's Hand
A unique combination
Of Humanity and
Formed in Flesh
With a spirit.
Of love
Bestowed with gifts
Only you can
Share or keep
If kept to
The gift would
And bare.
No fruit up to
Are you a
Master's Piece
333 · Dec 2020
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Dreams appear to me
Like mist lifting
From the lake
I can't see too
Far ahead
I reach out
Yet there is nothing
To grasp at
How can i.retain
What I can't see
Or touch
My feet steady
On the ground
As reality hits the floor
326 · Jul 2020
Mom' s Rosary
Mary Anne Norton Jul 2020
Her hands for many things
Embracing her children
Patching up boo boos
Carrying shopping bags
Cooking for others
Pushing her cart
Picking out vegetables
Folding her hands
So lovingly in prayer
The rosary she held
So tight in her hands
As the beads slipped gracefully
At each Hail  Mary
And now she's in Heaven
Where she can see Mary
325 · Oct 2020
Golden Treasure
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Thinking of happy times
When cold days
Filled with laughter
Warmed the room
Of children
Where an ah ha moment
Came out of the
Mouth of kiddos
Jumping  with excitement
In their desks
Rays of sunlight
Beaming down on
Learning children
Hugs in solitaire
Or hugs in groups
Meltdowns and mishaps
Celebrations for success
A rainbow filled
The room with love
And left a *** of
Golden Treasure
Thinking about my students and the gift of memories they left behind for me to cherish
323 · Oct 2020
Between the lines
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Read between the lines
Verticals horizontals
That can't  be expressed
The ups and downs
The all arounds
When you finish
Handle with care
304 · Jan 18
It's bleak outside
Drawing me inside
While I wait
For a clearing
301 · Jan 30
Moon is  chillin
As the stars
Dance away
The night
Planets are spinning
Fairy dust circling
The air
Sandman's on duty
Is that a cow
I see
290 · Sep 2020
Now is the time
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Time has been given
And time will be taken
Some have a lot left
While others non left
Use it wisely
Before you
No longer can
Don't wait till
You can't run bend stand
Or see the dirt covered road
Ahead of you
Smell the fresh cut grass
Hear the sweet sound
Of birds
Sip a warm cup
Of tea
Read a book
You've been meaning to
Now is the time
275 · Sep 2020
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
The widow sits
In his overstuffed chair
Knowing of his
No return
Hoping for one last
Smell of the
Day's  sweat
Mixed with shaving
Accepting the faintest
Hint of work gone by
But tears wash away
All memories
Laying back with
Aching legs
Remembering days
Gone by
Eyes burning from
Salty tears
Ready to nod off
The dog reminds you
It's time to walk
Last night I was talking to my friend
About someone who died  long ago
267 · Dec 2020
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Continuing dreams
Awaken me from my sleep
Did that just happen
260 · Oct 2020
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Overnight case given
To me
And i don't
Even travel
Where have you
Traces of perfume
Or sweet smelling
Still linger on
Perhaps with memories
Pleasant or sad
Maybe a combination
Of both
Sun can't take the
Perhaps the smell
Is meant to stay
For reminders of
What may come
257 · Jan 30
Thank You
If you need to name
A Higher Power
Just look up
At the sky
The sun will
Warm your heart
The moon will
Wink at you
If you feel alone
The stars will
Lighten your Heart
And in the moment
You can just
Call out
Thank You
254 · Nov 2020
Time to paws
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Gracefully the cat
Circled around its'
Owners' legs
Purring louder
To be held
And stroked
Gently down her spine
Having been satisfied
A sip of milk
Upon sandpaper lips
Would do
A spot in the
Warm sun
Would do nicely
And a dream
Of catching a mouse
Even better
252 · Jul 2020
Mary Anne Norton Jul 2020
Coke was your drink
To chase the demons
Cure the blues
Stop a reaction
.           . Sip
Whatever the occasion
Now that you are gone
Let's take a sip
And bow our heads
252 · Jun 2020
It's gonna rain
Mary Anne Norton Jun 2020
The clouds are faded purple
Moisture is in the air
But the breeze so gentle
Whispers crost my cheek
Birds are flying
Squirrels tagging
Feels like it's gonna rain
Hope it pours down buckets
To water the earth
And cleanse my soul
251 · Dec 2020
Frozen Lake
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The lake is frozen
Some of the geese are standing
Testing their webbed feet
251 · Nov 2020
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Roses you heaped
Upon me
Flashy jewels
Shiny diamond hearts
Expensive perfumes
Silky scarves
Chewy chocolates
All of this
You gave to me
When all I wanted
Was a pumpkin
And some mums
None of this happened. Saw mums and pumpkins across the street. Just put my
Thoughts into words.
250 · Jan 15
Let it snow
Snow brushes off
Your navy blue coat
Leaving a wet
Surface behind
The black dog
Shaking off snow
Dripping ***** puddles
On the floor
Your shiny brown
With white covered specks
Makes you look
Momentarily old
Till you towel dry the
White and wet hair
Let it snow let it snow
Let it snow
241 · Aug 2020
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Her wardrobe an
Array of colors
Translucent  for each culture
Flashy colors and sequins
Pale and simple
What she wore
Didn't matter
The message was the model
Only certain people saw
And would acclaim
Mary^s beauty in
Her native dress
And tongue
Mary is our Mother
And Jesus is her Son
We worship not a statue
Nor a picture painted
On canvas
But we are reminded
Of the Mother of God
We hold gently in
Our Heart
240 · Oct 2020
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Stay outside my bubble
Draw near and
I shall. Burst
Never to be22
Seen againq223322222521i2
231 · Dec 2020
Deep inside
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The voices churning
Deep head
Are actually words
Waiting to
Get out
And recite
A poem
222 · Nov 2020
Child's Play
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Leaves to crunch on
Revisiting Mother Goose
And Tales Grimm
Hopscotch and
Double Dutch
Dodge ball
Skip a rock
Kick the can
Make a silly face
And sing a silly Song
Marbles and jacks
Blowing bubbles
Super ball
And slime
Rekindle the child
Within you
Before it's too
And you forget
The happiness
Once within you
220 · Aug 2020
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Giant sun chalked
Boldly on ground
Inspired by a child
Another sun colored
Laboriously on paper
Created  by a child
Flashy sun painted
Proudly on canvas
Gifted by child
Tiny suns giant suns
Connected suns
Undone suns
Did the sun disappear
From us.
208 · Sep 2020
Web Site
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Oh how the spider
Laboriously builds a web
Fine silver threads
Shine in the golden sun
Perhaps drying from
The morning dew
Such a fragile design
Man can't  remake
202 · Oct 2020
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
You were suppose to
Shine in the dark
So I hurried to
The door to turn
Off the light
And in the darkness
I fell
Reminds me that
I was suppose to
Trust you with
Open arms
I came and
I fell
Sometimes you put too much
Trust in objects or people
201 · Jan 15
Mini cotton *****
Quickly falling from the sky
Covering the ground
197 · Jan 28
Dandelion sky
Full of awesomeness to grasp
But too high to reach
197 · Nov 2020
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Sometimes.I need to
Spew out words burning inside
Before I explode
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