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 Jan 2020 Dercio Lichucha
I asked death why they must do what they do
They pushed my hair behind my ear and gently kissed my face
It made me smile
"Life is a careless child, they know nothing but how to create."
I understood, I took a seat under an old tree closed my eyes and rested
I had a beautiful dream but, when I woke
You looked better than ever my love
It all started
when Adam clothed Eve

and when Eve
gathered all the flowers
to powder the pollen
in her cheeks,

and brush the nectar
in her lips.

Since then,
people clothed everything,

the air, the earth and the sea,
the soul and its lingering poetry,

the summer's warmth and winter's chill,
the autumn's sigh and spring day's still.

No wonder why I see
unclothed couples making love
in the unclothed woods
lit by unclothed night.

They craved so much
of beauty Adam veiled

that they failed  to notice

that I'm watching them.
In the wilderness,
there's a monk.

In the metropolis,
there's a skeptic.

One day,

the monk decided
to move in the metropolis
to preach how he found
God's grace in the woods

while the skeptic
exiled his existence
to the wilderness
to stay away
from the grouses and whinges
of priests and preachers.

After a year,

the skeptic
praised God

as the monk
mocked his.
Autumn leaves
Flutter to my right
Shivering in delight

The breeze, a flirty male
Caresses, strokes
Wanton orange fragility 

Curling inwards they do sigh
Caught by the devils eye
Misty morning browns
Bidding goodbye
 Nov 2019 Dercio Lichucha
shatter your heart first
so it won’t be broken

trade your soul first
so it won’t get stolen

take your life first
so it won’t get ruined
Humans are weird.

— The End —