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23h · 26
Winters Tune
Betty 23h
Turn back the clocks
Countless ears who heard the restless call of spring
Will never dance to winters tune
The hands of time are stilled
For them the clock has stopped
On this year
And all others
This dying year
Has become a year of dying
1d · 331
Betty 1d
Thoughts are our feathers
They lift imagination
Then they blow away
1d · 48
Betty 1d
I am having a rough time
In my head it's shut down season
for which there is no reason
and certainly no rhyme!
A bit jaded-I'm sure it will all come back
2d · 599
Writers Song
Betty 2d
The people in my head
All speak with different voices
I set them free in ink
and I make all their choices!
3d · 50
Stop Pushing It
Betty 3d
Each nation

Each successive generation

Has punched that button

It isn’t red

It is quite round

And it’s there

Just look around

It fires doomsday

That elephant in all our rooms-day

We need to stop pushing

We  need to start thinking

The oceans are filthy

The ice caps are shrinking

We all own the button

It's big and it's blue

It's everyones planet

and that includes you!
5d · 170
Betty 5d
A bird

A graceful fragile thing devoid of earthly care

Which sings and sets the sky alight

On wings so light they skim the air
Birds are truly free spirits
6d · 91
Betty 6d
I have laid down my life as I laid down my gun
the battle is over
I don't know who won
their side our side
does anyone care when it's all  said and done?
Long ago and far away
at very the end of the hardest day
when silence falls on the blood red, mud red, grass
will anyone remember what came to pass?
Young men die and old men weep
for comrades lost and the memories they keep
hugged to themselves till their time is done
a long life haunted by the shadow of the gun.
I have no name
war took it from me
a symbol, instead of the lad I used to be
It is 100 years since the unknown soldier was put in his tomb.
7d · 103
Betty 7d
The thin bare bones of a silence that was

Shattered calm, a mirror cracked

Snapped underfoot like a plastic toy

Smashed, a fragile thing destroyed

Beauty broken by a careless word!
Some people can't understand the beauty of a silent moment!
7d · 78
Sparks In Winter
Betty 7d
Flowers in winter
Bright children out in the cold
Candles in the dark
I love a flower in winter-colour against the grey
Oct 17 · 47
Chasing words
Betty Oct 17
I do not know why
my words are elusive and shy
They wouldn't say
why they refuse to play
I guess I am on my own today
I miss my words
Oct 16 · 56
Beware Standing Water
Betty Oct 16
See your face in standing water
it reflects back the truth

No airbrushes in nature
no photoshop filters
you get what you get

Staring into the clear and glassy depths, right to the bottom
You think you can see through it, but really it sees through you!
A longer poem inspired by the Haiku-there is more than one kind of reflection!
Oct 16 · 343
Betty Oct 16
Pond with no ripples
A mirror for our faces
Reflects only truth
Oct 15 · 90
The Shapes Of Sleep
Betty Oct 15
The shapes of sleep

Day smoke that flows throughout our waking hours
released to tease and twist our darkling thoughts to landscapes, cities of the quiet mind

Shadow towers defined by nothing more than fancy and a little fact
the unassuming act of pressing day on night

Unconscious distant learning stoked by fear to feed and keep its belly still, and a little yearning when we need it

Our treasures taken from that mental box we keep

unlocked, explored and plundered deep

The grey and somewhat shop - worn curtains, covering the shapes of sleep
A thoughtscrape poem!
Oct 14 · 51
Betty Oct 14
Walk in a garden
Tending flowers costs us time
The love is for free
Oct 14 · 76
The Wanting
Betty Oct 14
We hunger when the grey doubt wolves are prowling around our doors, sniffing at the latches as we crouch inside

Our ears are stuffed with hopeful thoughts because their song is one of want and we cannot ignore their dreadful music

The newly  ******, searching for a light that won't be found

Chasing every spark, in search of faint salvation for our fragile shrunken world but mostly for ourselves

Stitched with good time memories and thoughts of better days to come

Thrown shadows, lit large on walls that once we thought were strong have lost their charm and turned from fortress into prison where we hold the keys to melted locks

Ravening, for days not so long passed when we were free to live in this tattered world of haves and have nots, when all are hungry the howling begins
Oct 13 · 54
Betty Oct 13
In the minds attic
Poets paint their pictures with words
Using thought for a brush
Not a Haiku!
Oct 12 · 394
Betty Oct 12
Peace is an early morning

Dare you break the silence with your footsteps on the grass

Spiders weaving cobwebs case their industry and listen to the nothing, dewdrop heavy

Rabbits out for early breakfast halt their chewing mouths and wait in expectation

Frozen cracking trees still their restless branches for a while and the river runs slow, no trickling streams to signify its presence

Trout swim in the shallows

Gentle watchers of the newborn day
Oct 11 · 57
Betty Oct 11
Mayflies live for hours
Fitting life into a day
What if it's raining?
Oct 11 · 207
Betty Oct 11
Alligators hide
Hungry under the surface
Stepping stones with teeth
A metaphor for life-avoid snappy rocks!
Oct 9 · 565
Penny Candle
Betty Oct 9
Hard to watch a flame
Flicker as the breeze begins
Fighting for its light
Hard to watch a good friend fighting a losing battle with cancer
Oct 8 · 99
Orange Tea
Betty Oct 8
A sky of painted rain from custard yellow clouds, fell beyond my gallery window glass.

The grass a silken thread of cinnamon fire, vermillion and orange tea brewed strong and hot, which ran to choppy rivers damson plum and vintage flowing wine, stretched far beyond my own imagining
to boiling seas of unknown hue.

Did a morning ever dawn which held such colour and such light, If so it isn’t one I ever knew!
I wondered what it would be like to wake up in an abstract painting
Betty Oct 7
The most twisted oaks
Stand strong and weather a storm
When younger trees fall
If you believed the media youth wins every time. How do you think these oldies got to be so old?
Oct 6 · 103
Slip Your Chains
Betty Oct 6
If only I had wings to fly
The sky would not hold me
I would be so much more
Than a bird who could swoop and soar, and twist and dive
Alive, at one with spirits of the air
To drop each care
And watch it fall, like silent drifting feathers to the ground
Could there be a peace more sacred and profound
Oct 4 · 63
Lies, Damned Lies...
Betty Oct 4
Teeth in jaws that snap

Beyond the tongue that twists and winds

The trap that binds you to your word

Once beyond those tombstone markers to the world

All hope is lost for yet another lie uncurled

To wind itself like smoke

To choke and wrap around your slender throat

To make you wish you never spoke a single scarlet word

And those you hurt had never even heard!
Oct 3 · 652
Blue Sunday
Betty Oct 3
On a blue Sunday
Grey rain seeks out my window
White noise fills my head
Oct 3 · 38
Dear Mr President
Betty Oct 3
A plastic orange
Is hollow and has no taste
It is just for show
I just had to do it!
Oct 1 · 184
Let Healing Begin
Betty Oct 1
I stretch out my arms

To the bird in the tree

The one that sings in the heart of me

I channel the sun, the light that heals

It cuts me open and soon reveals

The flesh within, a beating heart

The core of me, let mending start!
Oct 1 · 95
Child Tree
Betty Oct 1
Grow up tall and straight
Bend with the prevailing wind
Don't forget your roots
Oct 1 · 315
Betty Oct 1
Dandelion clock
A whole made of many parts
Working together
Sep 30 · 80
Butterfly Effect
Betty Sep 30
Fragile butterfly
Delicate and beautiful
It can change the world!
Sep 29 · 116
Japanese Garden
Betty Sep 29
Japanese gardens
Sew balance and harmony
Tall peace flowers grow
Sep 25 · 76
Empty Vessels
Betty Sep 25
Silence has a voice
Listeners hear it whisper
Talkers hear themselves
Empty vessels make the most noise
Sep 23 · 97
Feet Of Clay
Betty Sep 23
Magnificent trees
Will cast the darkest shadow
Stunting all new growth
Sep 23 · 1.4k
Betty Sep 23
Birdsong at sunrise
Rising sweet on the clear air
A hymn of morning
Sep 21 · 82
Betty Sep 21
Not land or water
Sacred to our ancestors
Gateway between worlds
Marshland was considered to be a sacred portal between worlds.
Sep 19 · 130
Rest 2020
Betty Sep 19
The world took a break

Traffic stilled, just the dark rope of empty roads stretching for miles

Birds sang in the trees

No planes flew

People didn't rest

They sat in their houses and  didn't sleep, no matter how calm the world outside the window

We worried and wished and waited for it all to be over

For the planet to wake up

So that we could go to bed
Sep 18 · 70
Love Is All
Betty Sep 18
Moths to a candle
We chase our forbidden flame
Smoking wings ablaze
Sep 16 · 94
Saraband For Autumn
Betty Sep 16
Hark to the winds of Autumn
Long dead voices raised in song
Saraband for the living
A choir for the dying
Eternal music of the ******
A fading year
Carried on the breeze
Sep 16 · 183
Betty Sep 16
Lazy drifting clouds
Settle and soothe your tired mind
Pillows in the sky
Sep 14 · 179
Betty Sep 14
Skimming Dragonfly
Colourful spirit of light
Summertime with wings
Sep 12 · 107
Do Not Cry
Betty Sep 12
Do not cry for those who have gone
Make a better world for those who are to come.
Do not put your faith in shadows of the past
Step into the light and let them see you shine
Do not curse the broken time in which we live
Race both hands to mend the clock
Do not be scared of the future
Let the future be afraid instead
You have the power to change it
If you will but try
Not quite sure where this one came from!
Sep 12 · 253
Betty Sep 12
Green earth and blue sky
Cool grey water in between
A living paintbox
Sep 11 · 85
Betty Sep 11
Fish dart through the rocks
Nibbling our invading toes
As we crush their world
Sep 10 · 49
Betty Sep 10
Ripples on a pond
Do not always mean a fish
So enjoy the breeze
Betty Sep 9
Poems about death
Tough without experience
Or afterlife skills
Sep 9 · 69
Dust to Dust
Betty Sep 9
We are all dust.

Mere chaff blown on the hot winds of an African summer long ago,
when the world was fresh and humanity still sailed on clouds of air we soared above the baking earth and knew the freedom of the stars, not tethered to the ground in bonds of flesh and bone.

Dust we were and dust we will become again, in the end it's all the same.

Just dust!
The most overlooked yet the most important thing in the world.
Sep 8 · 125
Betty Sep 8
To be a writer
Is to burn with words,
tiny living birds risen from our ash and dust, because we must.
We take a part of ourselves and give so that we can live and fly and fill the smoky amber coloured sky with wings,
although we know not why.
Sep 7 · 112
Betty Sep 7
Old friends two bookends
Catching fish and memories
On a river bank
Sep 7 · 87
Betty Sep 7
For migrating birds
Autumn is vacation time
Lucky little birds
Sep 6 · 154
Betty Sep 6
Regrets are nothings
Or perhaps they are somethings
You wish were nothings
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