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2d · 48
Missing Children
How many missing sons and daughters
buried with tears and a folded cloth
dead pride of a nation
how many banners raised in triumph
lowered to half mast by the grieving
in the name of patriotism's flag
a highly dangerous piece of rag
Jun 27 · 165
Mother Night
Miss Betty Jun 27
Take the mother night
Wrap her in glorious dawn
To birth a new day
Jun 25 · 196
Miss Betty Jun 25
Sweet undercover night
silence has wrapped the world
in a velvet bag
so soft and heavy
it drinks the light
and makes a cocktail
of the moon and stars
Jun 16 · 65
Miss Betty Jun 16
The definition of a maniac
someone who shares
the same locked wardrobe of dark thoughts
that you do
but they found the key
tried them on for size
and wear them to dance in the streets
May 31 · 554
Miss Betty May 31
Oh Vincent
if only you had known
the world would one day marvel
at your sunflowers
and those waving fields of grain
you left us
but they will remain
a part of you
the beating heart of you
the art of you
for your success was unforeseen
you left us
with what might have been
May 29 · 216
Broken Biscuit
Miss Betty May 29
Some cold black coffee
A biscuit on the carpet
Death lets himself out
May 28 · 106
Plastic Chair
Miss Betty May 28
Grief is an empty place
a dark and silent painful space
with the hardest plastic chair
you wait until a flicker of light
shines under a door
you never knew was there
May 27 · 206
Miss Betty May 27
Frosty morning air
Winter's white haired terrier
Nips at your fingers
May 25 · 132
Miss Betty May 25
Hey gun lobbyists
Another load of children
Just surrendered
May 24 · 53
A Love Poem
Miss Betty May 24
Draw down the waning moon
****** the gentle light of fading stars
take not their shine
to be extinguished one by one
I love you
let this night be never done
May 20 · 240
Miss Betty May 20
it's a place to dream
a warm afternoon
with a thought ice cream
and idea sprinkles
May 15 · 282
Floating Leaves
Miss Betty May 15
We are floating leaves
Children of the winds and tide
Following the stream
May 15 · 291
Trapping The Wind
Miss Betty May 15
You can try to capture the wind
trap the airy whistle of trees
or the fluting song of reeds on the river
yes you can try to tame the restless spirit of the breeze
but it will sulk
and sit silent in the jar
until you let it out again
May 15 · 448
Miss Betty May 15
Peaches at first bite
Soft skin yellow gold within
Summer on my chin
Sep 2021 · 105
Summer King
Miss Betty Sep 2021
Winter’s lonely queen
grieving for her summer king
a lover long gone
he left his clothes
an Autumn coat of crimson velvet
lined with orange and a dozen other hues
without his light it faded to a duller forest brown
and she was left with shreds and tatters in her hands
that seamstress spring will come in time
and weave a cloak of gentle forest green
to see him though the coming year
Sep 2021 · 75
Iron Sand
Miss Betty Sep 2021
Spend an early hour on the shore
sit for a while
talk if it helps to calm your fears
tell the wind
let iron sand and rushing water be your listening ears
for only they can hear
Sep 2021 · 316
The Sock
Miss Betty Sep 2021
The sock undid me
just a little thing
soft and yellow and drowning in a puddle
I suppose it fell off when the soldiers came
and they ran for it
I wonder where the other one is
perhaps it is clinging to a tiny wriggling foot somewhere
I hope so
Sep 2021 · 389
Restless Seas
Miss Betty Sep 2021
You will not halt the rushing wind
restless seas will turn their tides no matter what you do
rain will fall & wet the land to make it green
leaves will drop at turn of year
you can stop a ticking clock
but you cannot stop time
Aug 2021 · 1.3k
Miss Betty Aug 2021
Poppies after rain
Waving scarlet petticoats
A garden can-can
Aug 2021 · 111
Ink Page Pen
Miss Betty Aug 2021
To be a poet
Is not to burn the paper with your words
but to be heard
when drifting smoke of love and life is gone
the poet in us carries on
when ink and page and pen are embers
it is the beauty one remembers
Aug 2021 · 304
Furrow Face
Miss Betty Aug 2021
Furrow face, deep ruts
savage cuts that only time and years can plough
fertile grain
once waving yellow in your fields
does not remain
chaff blown brittle on the winter wind
will settle now and then on barren land
sadly turned to sand
Aug 2021 · 645
Miss Betty Aug 2021
I don't want to come back
once I leave don't revive me
I'm finished and done with being alive me
you just know when it's your time go
so take off the wire
my choice to decide where & when I expire
An old lady got a tattoo-it said DNR on her chest and PTO on her her back
Aug 2021 · 359
Miss Betty Aug 2021
Scarlet cinnabar
wanton reds and ***** you pinks
Vermilion is a libertine
a go it alone chancer
who lives free and to hell with the consequence
condemn him if you will
for he is already ******
The devil has his own team colours
Aug 2021 · 274
Baby to Parent
Miss Betty Aug 2021
Tend to the soul of me
that means the whole of me
feed my mind my heart my head
nourish the part that doesn’t need bread
water me with love, watch me grow
a person will flower before you know
Aug 2021 · 139
Miss Betty Aug 2021
love the person not their gender
surrender to love in huge amounts
because that’s what counts
Aug 2021 · 170
Petrified People
Miss Betty Aug 2021
Petrified people
are often alone
they build themselves a heart of stone
it stops the hurt getting in
and the love getting out
Aug 2021 · 948
Miss Betty Aug 2021
A wolf has come to eat the sun
the Gods supplied us only one
with jaws that tear and teeth that bite
he stops to drink our fading light
eclipse the world, pour out the soul
you nibble, can't you eat it whole?
Jul 2021 · 245
Bottled Words
Miss Betty Jul 2021
Bottled words boiled down
Haiku pan bubbles over
Leaving the meaning
Jul 2021 · 1.6k
Twilight Time
Miss Betty Jul 2021
Faded sunset clouds
Waiting moon and infant stars
A subtle blending
Jul 2021 · 332
Time To Breathe
Miss Betty Jul 2021
Wine of forgiveness
Needs some time to sit and breathe
Before you drink it!
Jul 2021 · 1.5k
Being Six
Miss Betty Jul 2021
Sleepy blue ocean
Hiding in a cowrie shell
I heard her snoring
Wondering what it would be like to re-live the magic of being six !
Jul 2021 · 345
Considering Immortality
Miss Betty Jul 2021
True immortality would be
to outshine the stars and see them fall in flame
and watch the glory of the heavens burn and blaze a final time in melted majesty
to live forever is to witness death and see him take all other living things
save you, brave firebird with gilded wings
where do you stand when all but hope and dust is gone
and you are forced to carry on
Jul 2021 · 359
Miss Betty Jul 2021
The ghosts of old loves
Live again in memory
Casting deep shadows
Jul 2021 · 537
The Gift
Miss Betty Jul 2021
a gift that is seldom free
freedom to say I just want to be me
freedom of thought
freedom of expression
freedom from any kind of oppression
freedom to say you can all go to hell
because blood puts the polish on the liberty bell!
Jun 2021 · 246
Echo Of A Bird
Miss Betty Jun 2021
I will walk barefoot and bow my head
along the winding path that leads me through the trees
to where the nightingale sings
her notes so pure and so beautiful
that you have to follow
yes I will walk barefoot
leaving as I came in
crossing the boundary
that leaning picket fence
which marks the end of all journeys
to what lies beyond
leaving only my footprints
and the echo of a bird
Jun 2021 · 472
Miss Betty Jun 2021
My name is Martha and I'm very tired
my patience as such has long expired
so you don't want my brown skin next to your white
well madam I'm tired so I'm sitting tight
it's hot and I waited my turn in the queue
and I paid, just like him, just like her, just like you
you can carp, you can moan, you can cause all kinds of fuss
but lady I'm keeping my seat on this bus
because I'm tired
Written as a tribute to Martha White who has died aged 99. Martha made a bus protest 2 years before Rosa Parks made her historic stand. An unsung woman.
Jun 2021 · 308
I Need No Sword
Miss Betty Jun 2021
I need no sword
for I can pierce your armour with my tongue
wit and clever words can bring you sobbing to your knees
they have bite, feel their sting
oh yes, and they will cut you down in a heartbeat
to shred and tear at your pomposity
I need no sword
Jun 2021 · 163
Frayed Cuffs
Miss Betty Jun 2021
Walk a mile
with the wind on your face
between the land and the sky
the sand and the water
tread the lonely margins
the frayed cuffs
where worlds meet and end
listen to the cries of wading birds
and wet your tired feet
let the waves heal you
and wash against your senses
this beach is yours
if only in your head
Jun 2021 · 65
Butterfly Soul
Miss Betty Jun 2021
When I am gone
think of me often
for I will be a butterfly free soul
a forever spirit of the air and wind
dancing among the flowers
in endless summer
Jun 2021 · 211
Miss Betty Jun 2021
My alarm this morning
came by virtue of the birds
who long before the sun had set the sky alight
had shed the quiet wings of night
and very early came to sing
with news of what the day would bring
Jun 2021 · 205
Miss Betty Jun 2021
Mysterious night
Soft and heavy with promise
A velvet hammer!
Jun 2021 · 51
Miss Betty Jun 2021
Happy is a department store
something to look at on every floor
if we know what we are shopping for
but generally we don't, do we?
Happiness can be elusive-especially if we don't know what it looks like!
Jun 2021 · 348
Miss Betty Jun 2021
I won’t cry
well not for too long
perhaps just now and again a tear will fall
you worked hard all of your life
now the work is done
you can rest up a bit
although you will fit it hard to sit still
you always did
perhaps you are a butterfly or a bee
busily checking on your garden
I think you would like that
happy among the flowers
you have not gone from our hearts
whenever I see a garden in full bloom
I will smile
and you will be with me
I am writing a funeral poem for a gardener!
Jun 2021 · 870
Penny Candle
Miss Betty Jun 2021
Twilight is a spark
Saturday's penny candle
Lights Sunday's fire
Jun 2021 · 456
Miss Betty Jun 2021
Cool in the shadows
Tired day rests beneath the trees
Larks give way to owls
The theme was twilight
May 2021 · 253
Miss Betty May 2021
Paintbox colours make our world
grey and clinging fog of disbelief
echoed by the indigo of grief
bitter orange wheat of rage
before we finally turn the page
accept the solid yellow ochre of finality
and begin to paint ourselves a new reality
May 2021 · 38
Miss Betty May 2021
Under darkened skies
Hope is our new horizon
Always up ahead
May 2021 · 425
Miss Betty May 2021
Midnight is a blade
cutting the cord between tomorrows
Midwife to the newborn day
May 2021 · 412
Miss Betty May 2021
Ants on a dry leaf
conquerers and pioneers
sailing the puddle
May 2021 · 88
Miss Betty May 2021
Long empty spaces
fill with echoes of time passed
deafening silence
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