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Keerthi Apr 2020
Hot air blowing under the noon sky
beads of sweat trickling vermilion on the frowned brow
Ssss Ssss
exhaustion slipped from raisin lips
Thump Thump
clothes pulsated on a flat river stone.
Keerthi Sep 2019
Low hanging clouds diffused
smudging the flat peaks
in muddy weather
brawny trees glistened
at the dripping tips.
Keerthi Sep 2019
A dissembled unicorn
a giant with lilliput in hand
a dinosaur with a diffused tail
a bunny in mid-leap
a curl of puffy ring
algae or could be an amoeba
and a cast of the haunting dark cloud
as it rumbled with a violet pitchfork
the illusion tumbled down
into splattering rain
on glass
we watch as patterns escaped.
Keerthi Sep 2019
My eyes linger
over the pouty lips
that breaks into dimpled smiles,
over the lotus-like eyes
that insinuate restless dreams,
over the pink curved lobe
at the whispered sweet nothings.
Keerthi Sep 2019
Cropped lands replaced with concrete slabs
stomping on the chance of life,
cries over the dried sky and cracked earth
died in the drone of city life,
Red dust clung to his dhoti
migrating with him to the lush city
only to be swept away to the curb,
his feet traced the streets
soles and soul with holes
inflicted with pain,
anger filled the hungry stomach
only to burn some more.
Keerthi Sep 2019
Acres of flowers
he loves me
he loves me not.
Keerthi Sep 2019
Night invaded the blue sky
the simmering moon floats across
sweet night air tickles my senses
night queen tantalizes awakening desires
while I lay next to you
gazing into those soft brown eyes
I realize I belong not to myself
but to you
then you whisper I love you
I lower my gaze with shy
as tempted kiss lingers
on my smile.
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