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express Feb 19
Make love to me until i smell of you
for the next two days 
until i no longer feel hunger
Make love to me until I've forgotten English and begin to whisper words that have no meaning 
words that only the body of our minds can comprehend
whispering, weeping in a tone that sings the melody that only our spirits recognize 
the tune that ensures and secures the locks on our love 
safety, protection, harmony
Make love with me 
until i remember things you told me years ago 
years before I'd ever grabbed hold of your neck the way I do when you
Make love to me
a million times after the millionth time
this is our sacred dance around the holy fire 
the one that burns in the center of you
our sun, illuminating every step of our love ritual 
and in the background, the moonrise and her shine will overflow as the residual 
and that will suffice
in this performing art, we tiptoe
evident mastery 
in focus
gasping for more
I've got all of your attention
In this moment, we are perfect
effortlessly radiating our beauty
as a soul Union
Make love With me
express Feb 10
Submerged in
Our essence
A better taste of ur skin
a look into how you see things
Color coordinated pleasure
Light blue, soft red and magenta
express Feb 8
universe is one painfully long interstellar song with a deliciously repetitive melody that i cut into 84 pieces that i planned on eating but put in the cd player and listened to on shuffle instead
with my solar husband
who abracadabras into my life and out of as he pleases and the couple seconds between one song and the next are actually 6 eternities and he vanishes with the music and i sit here patient,
i sit here waiting as the music and the young man wait on the other side of the incandescent earth for me
its slightly confusing
and i hadn't entirely understood until yesterday when i stood under that mess of stars that pose above me every time the moon says "esta anocheciendo"
so shut your window, crawl into bed
i hadnt entirely understood it until 72 moons before tonights:
love myself more
your hair smells rich and your pores **** me in but i love me more than you ever could and its funny, i laugh because you cant hear me anymore
open your eyes
let me sing it again the universe is one painfully long interstellar song and you cant hear me anymore but you speak my laugh and i smell your dances and as if im sleep walking, my face is closed but i float to you and you catch me, as you try to look away our ******* begin interacting while our fingers both look for distinct parts of each others skin to sink themselves in
we're too busy painting landscapes in our brains of flowers and how much longer do we have to waits and once our fingers have subconsciously found exactly where they want to live
you and i sit and listen to ‪the mixtures‬ of yawns and strings and palms and rings of saturn
here we are again im alone and i know where to find you but choose not to
after that i sat in a bowl of Good Music and before i knew it i was being preheated then all at once i went up in flames
i came back down, in ashes, i rose again, this is the shape that i was given my only motivation is soon, i can return to the top right corners of your masterpieces as the moon
express Feb 7
ive never felt more at home
like ill nevermore feel alone
because even just the fragrance of your presence sets the tone of my serenity and with that you envelop me.
I thank you
You are the spiral
 inside of me.
 I have yet to catch you idle.
but i marvel at your ripples and whirls
youre so beautiful
as an element of your own
and i lose myself in admiration of your motion
i dont have the courage and almost dont have the desire to ask you to sit still for even a second.
but, baby how else will i hold you?
how will we lay parallel to the green oceans we walk on?
the tierra trees talk on.
forgive me, keep spinning, keep singing im listening
im listening
im drifting into a slumber i wish i could hold close but i no longer have control
i spread these bones and as if pushed,
i fall, i fly, i never seem to land,
theres turbulence and im still high
in between my gasps and my cussing, i can hear you..
its a remedy i have yet to know the ingredients to but its cures me,
I want to rediscover and bring out the best in you
listening to the rest of your innuendos describing the new windows we will jump out of and into.
Us two, 1 pair. sun and moon
express Feb 7
Wish you would've stayed the night
my little ghost boy
but don't you worry
Our memories resonate within me
Always growing, still remaining
My consciousness puts bits of you together
In my dreams
while you willingly cured me
the expansion of your lungs appeared as the ocean breeze 
why can't i forget
kiss, hug, our drunken dance
around the fire 
that is known 
As music
makes it true
That this blue abyss
will clear up and bring me back 
to you 
the lines on these Palms will twice again meet the engraved hymns on the hand you put out to me
and I'll reach and reach until
our teeth meet and feet see
each other as a mirrored image
and our journies will never finish
In my dreams

remember me like you couldn't do another thing as long as you live

— The End —