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Feb 19
Make love to me until i smell of you
for the next two days 
until i no longer feel hunger
Make love to me until I've forgotten English and begin to whisper words that have no meaning 
words that only the body of our minds can comprehend
whispering, weeping in a tone that sings the melody that only our spirits recognize 
the tune that ensures and secures the locks on our love 
safety, protection, harmony
Make love with me 
until i remember things you told me years ago 
years before I'd ever grabbed hold of your neck the way I do when you
Make love to me
a million times after the millionth time
this is our sacred dance around the holy fire 
the one that burns in the center of you
our sun, illuminating every step of our love ritual 
and in the background, the moonrise and her shine will overflow as the residual 
and that will suffice
in this performing art, we tiptoe
evident mastery 
in focus
gasping for more
I've got all of your attention
In this moment, we are perfect
effortlessly radiating our beauty
as a soul Union
Make love With me
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