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E Jun 12
We sit in silence,
leaving things unsaid.
The truth hangs between us,
on the most thinnest of threads.
Who will take the time to break it all down?
Who will take the time to replace the broken words?
We live in a world,
where everything moves so fast.
But the truth takes time.
Can we bare to move that slow?
E May 13
I didn’t know that we would become like one,
            as if in order to truly form a thought,
                            the other must first know it.

I didn’t know the rest of the world would fall away
              and leave me with just you.

I didn’t know that just you would be enough.

I didn’t know that you were enough to make me smile,
                to make me laugh, to make me cry,
                                              To make me love.

I didn’t know that I would lie awake every night
                waiting with bated breath.

I didn’t know that with each moment I would fall harder
                 faster for you.

I didn’t know that you would be the first person
                 I would fall in love with.

I didn’t know that to love you was everything.

I didn’t know that my love wouldn't be enough.
E Apr 15
she brushes my hand
she gazes deeply into my eyes

i pull her closer
i wrap my arms around her

her head rests in the crook of my neck
her breath hitches as i brush circles on her hip

i lead her to the dance floor
i can't believe how beautiful she is pressed against me

she turns to me and says
she has to go
she is spending the night at Pete's

i feel my stomach drop
i don't understand where i went wrong
i go home alone.
E Mar 4
beat, beat, beat, constrict.
                 my heart burns at the thought of you.

in, in, in, out.
                my breath stops as your gaze brushes mine.

slow, slow, slow, quick.
                my skin ignites as fingers drag across bodies.

bodies meet and worlds collide,
we come alive together.
E Mar 4
I can't wait to close my eyes,
for I know when I drift away,
I will find you.

During the day you are lost to me,
eyes open and searching,
but I'm lost in a sea of people rushing past.

At night I dream of you,
and the world finally makes sense,
I'm at peace with you in my arms again.
E Feb 7
Promises whispered into the night,
I told you I would always be a part of your life.

Goodbyes echo into the daylight,
I broke your heart when your grip was too tight.

Regret weighs heavy with the setting sun,
I look back and remember as my wings spread wide.

I fly higher without you.
E Dec 2018
Feel the heat, when our eyes meet across the room, sending thrills through our bodies.
Feel the warmth spread from me into you, pulling us together, making us breathe as one.
Our breaths are shallow, our hearts beat fast, we feel every place we touch, and are painfully aware of anywhere we don't.
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