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Jez Farmer Oct 2020
Echoes of the past calling out my name
The old times lost, and life is not the same
Distant the voices hidden in my mind
Behind closed eyes before the nightmares come
As sleep betrays the fears my thoughts designed
Alone; I struggle just to see her face
The visions of a dream that held me there
No light in darkness, just an empty space
No darkness in light, just the cold, thin air
And still I love with no limits or shame
Although my heart is cold and undefined
And my aged senses may be worn and numb
For it is love that I choose to embrace
And not a past that has nothing to share
Jez Farmer Oct 2020
Shadows of winter remain here
Unclad by the early spring sun
Echoes chilled by the passing time
Seasons rebuild nature’s beauty
Torn between worlds, the then and now
Reborn in the cool forest glades
Life on earth must return again
In the blessed birth of springtide’s call
Walking amid awakening trees
Sleep talking and stretching out limbs
Towards pale sun rays stirring the ground
The age-old tale is told again
Turning away from winter’s blues
The seasons turn in verdant hues
Jez Farmer Oct 2020
I feel her touch
in the paradox of passion
her love my completeness
yet still I am broken
desire and fear combine
and I close my mind
to drown in the molten silver
of fantasy and illusion
in the wild wilderness
where I am free to be
escaping the hate
the self-loathing
that is my reality
Jez Farmer Oct 2020
I’m not yours, I do not belong to you
I can not be found as I am not lost
Even though our stars are destined to cross
Our love will shine in a different hew
No red stained rose can declare my heart true
As over your tears my lips gently gloss
Absorbing your pain like riverside moss
Such tenderness of love is mine to do
But my soul will not be still in your hand
For love will never pierce my heart of stone
Not in the ways that any can understand
Although I’m beside you I am alone
Like a pebble amid the grains of sand
The candle that burns to guide you back home
Jez Farmer Oct 2020
Just a sock lying there
on the shattered ground
calling out to humanity
questioning the declaration
that all is fair in love and war
where is fairness
in a life just started
snatched by the bombs of belief
that one cause has more value than another
a child’s sock
tattered and stained
lying where the bombs fell
a life unlived
if that is belief
then fairness is shame
Jez Farmer Oct 2020
If I ask you would you give me some time
A brief moment shared in rhythm and rhyme
I will not ask for any more than that
Just the merest glimpse of sweet paradise
Inhaling your sweet scent of civet cat
Aroma feeding my inner desire
Just a moment of lust shared between us
Ignites the spark of eternity’s fire
The supreme love of Vulcan and Venus
Again, I ask for a moment in time
The question hidden in casual chitchat
My words lost, disguised grains of wild rice
Will your heart see all this that I desire
The dark love within romantic snugness
Form: Ivorian Sonnet
Jez Farmer Feb 2019
Seeking love in all the wrong places
Clasping a shattered heart
Ridiculed by the mannequin smiles and
****** temptations that once sparked the dreams
Washed out and worn out by the fakery of love

Captivating smiles, dressed up to the nines
Utter the lies to entrap the man
Pity the youth who knows not
Instincts learned over pain and time
Don’t go there for love is a lie
Form: Acrostic Poetry
Prompt: Anti-love poetry
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