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Helina May 2019
I fell head over heals,
when you only replied sometimes
I would ask what you want,
but i'm scared you'll never come back
Even just the attention you are giving now
is enough for me to come running back,
After a whole day of me telling i'm everyone I was done with your ***
There's nothing else that makes me happier than when I see your name pop up
Helina Feb 2019
I didn't know myself then,
I believed every little word that came out your mouth,
You had me ******* in your web of lies
Now I look back and laugh,
To all the night you made me cry
I made a fool of myself,
Waiting for your reply
When I should've really said goodbye,
From the first day I found out you lied
Looked straight into my eyes,
And you promised I was the only one
How you expect me to say "Hi"
Still be cool and talk
Pretend like nothing ever happened between us
And act like everything's alright
Helina Dec 2018
You're the only person that gives me happiness,
but also the one that can take it in an instant
Helina Nov 2018
Love every inch
Love ever curve and scar
Love the body that carries your soul
The soul that thinks there should be a goal,
a goal to be perfect
Because the World has told it so

They say you're too skinny
Then they tell you you're fat
Your mind wants to blow
What have we done to our world though?
Why want us to suffer mentally?
living up to societies expectations
Fake photos, and photoshopped *******
Why make us all follow their fake idea of perfection?

I am more than just what meets the eyes,
No one else has my skin, my body, my hair, my mind and me all together
I'm unique as I am
I will ignore their definitions of "beautiful",
Not going to hide under pounds of makeup,
Not going to hate myself for not looking more like them,
and not going to hide from the world
Let them all see who i want to BE, instead of the mask they wanted to see
The mask covering up the real ME
I will stand up straight,
I will keep my head up high,
For me and all of society
Praying one day, this will all be over with
That we will stop defining "beauty"
I will fight for our right,
Our right to live as how we are made
No more being afraid
Helina Nov 2018
Giving me mixed signals
You keep getting in my head, and not getting out
Helina Nov 2018
It's because of you somebody's day is made
Your one smile could mean more than the Worlds' 7 billion
You're loved and cared for,
Even if you don't see it
Wipe those tears away
I'll always be here
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