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Aug 2019
I'm done done with this world,
I wish I could go back to the days with bright skies
The sun rising from the east,
No gray clouds, just days full of opportunities
I wish i could go back to when there was no rain,
Rewind the time train back to when I was five.
Go back home to Grandma the only one that didn't give me pain.
The only one who told me i could get somewhere.
The only one who listened when i had something to say.
The only one that looked after me, when they left me to chase after money.

Today is such a bore,
Rainy, gray clouds surrounding my door.
Can't go outside, without the thunder hitting me straight on.
Always waiting for me to come out, but no thank you,
I rather stay here dreaming about what i could be doing.
Written by
Helina  F
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