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Annie Ra Jan 2018
I look down at the world below
So high, so hidden
  And so well-read
They smile and laugh
Knowing something that I don’t

Like a dream lost upon waking
It slips through my grasp
I feel it, sense it
Yet the memory fades
  Into daylight

The mask I wear hides my eyes
A part I play, a song I sing
Words I recognize
  But cannot comprehend

While I peer from my lofty prison
Imperious, impervious
I discover I am not above, but down below
Waiting and longing
  To walk free
Annie Ra Feb 2018
There you lie sleeping
Cherubic face
My eyes, my cheeks
My neuroses
I whisper in your ear
sweet one
words of love
And affirmations

So untouched and pure
Yet time will take its toll,
   that I know
The world will break you
   and taint you
And you will soon be mine no more

You will forget these moments
when I hold you
and guide you, singing
songs that fade into dark
songs I hope remain
imprinted on your heart

Here you lie sleeping
precious one
Your eyes, your cheeks
Your spirit
I whisper in your ear
despite my fears
words of peace
and contentment
Sleep on
I wrote this one quickly on a whim, just what was in my heart. It could probably still use some work.
Annie Ra Jan 2018
Clouds cast shadows
on the mountain
Sunlight peeks through
white brume
Wet grass shines
like glass
An attempt at Imagism. Why not?
Annie Ra Jan 2018
Your voice envelops me
  Drowns me
   Blinds me
     Confines me
Your whisper is fog
I feel it echo
   In my bones
    In my blood
     In my head
I gasp for air
   For light
Until the silence comes

— The End —