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Jun 2018 · 194
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
It is something I can't tell anyone,
At first I thought it was fun,
Realizing now that I have a problem,
And it pains me to admit the ruin...
Jun 2018 · 186
Wake up
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Trying to stay in a dream
Curled up in my denying machine
My kingdom for another hour of rest
My responsibilities face a test
And I would rather lay here
Than face the morning mirror
Jun 2018 · 154
Coco marino
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Coco marino, ¿Necesitas de mi cariño?
Tu agua está muy lejos y yo llevo siempre la mía.
Las olas te descoloraron y yo cada vez soy más pálida, parecemos gemelos.
Alguna vez te quise como metáfora pero estoy impregnada de realismo.
Jun 2018 · 170
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Quiero encontrarte a escondidas,
Quiero comerte a mordidas,
Quiero de almohada tus brazos,
Quiero escucharte los pasos...
Pero a pesar de tanto querer;
Te amo.
Jun 2018 · 129
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Your accusation sounds like a confession.
A generalization disguised by preoccupation.
How do the actions of another become my restriction?
Am I supposed to live in your fiction?
Fear will not lead to our salvation,

Let me lead myself.
Jun 2018 · 121
Four reasons
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
It's such a delight.
Your mind must feed.
To gather and give.
To start from above.
Jun 2018 · 2.9k
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
A spectrum of words,
hurled in every direction of the world.
A melody passed down through generations.
It evolves to the tongue of the old and the young,
Like a song that wants to be sung.
The eternal life of communication.
Jun 2018 · 1.2k
Expose yourself
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Expose your soul to me,
every inch of sincerity,
every kiss of clarity,
without an apology.
Jun 2018 · 149
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
I sink back into reliving all of the wonderfully sinful things ever done to me by another consenting being.
What delight is the memory of ecstasy!
No one, not even the one who once gave me all that pleasure can take away that memory!
Jun 2018 · 107
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Warm inside, but my skin is sick,
and the bumps climbing up me make me bite my lip.
I taste blood from coping with the pain,
of lost memories though they remain.
My legs shiver with anticipation for something that has already happened.

Who knew you'd cut it all,
starving yourself of the love I gave away.
Maybe it wasn't enough, or it might not have been worth the trouble.
I question our actions now, and my skin crawls,
because I am suffering withdrawals.
Mar 2018 · 73
Janelle Mainly Mar 2018
The world shifts, my toe nails dig deeper into soil.
The city forgot my farm, if it can count as that any more.
Don't blame those who die playing the game.
We are all spinning and loosing our balance.
That's why I prefer to be barefoot.
But there is no dirt to comfort my callused toes.
Mar 2018 · 90
Janelle Mainly Mar 2018
Bios, portfolios and resumes oh my!
Where am I going? Where do I stand? Who was I?
Oct 2017 · 423
Janelle Mainly Oct 2017
I know, I have, doubted, our lo-ve.
And with, that strike, you've cut, your chest wide open.
I didn't realize, I'd suffer your demise.
Before, our split, my hopes, your lies.
Never once, think that, I have, misspoken.
What we once had, you and I, you and me, has broken.
I, fell ill, bad case of weak sense of will.
Because, you erased, all that I experienced.
So goodbye, don't ever say, I didn't let you fly.
Breakups are hard.
Sep 2017 · 451
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
A new age is arising,
a new page is unfolding,
and there's always been a spark,
now it's time to make your mark.

It's all about action! No distractions anymore!

In the kindness of your heart,
in the yearning of your soul,
tragedy is bound, to always take it's toll.

But it's all about actions, no distractions anymore!
Picking up the pieces after a natural disaster.
Sep 2017 · 284
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
I don't listen half as much as you do,
You don't understand what I'm referring to.
And this conversation is a mine field,
let's retrace our steps, I fear...
It's not me, it's not you, it's just circumstances misunderstood.
(I just keep on changing but I don't know how to tell you).

You don't really think I should have done that,
but do you really know where I'm at?
And your questions feel like an objection,
sending me in the other direction...
It's not me it's not you, it's just our circumstances misunderstood.
(I just keep on changing but I don't know how to tell you).
But it's okay, it's the way it goes, along the road, beside a river.
Anyway it flows, no one can tell it where to go.
Sep 2017 · 146
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
I'm leaving, and it's okay.
Yes I'm leaving, and there's no way anyone's gonna change my mind.

I'm leaving, it's okay.
I'm dreaming, there's no way you can take my mind off of what is mine.
This rhymy songy thing came to me today as I was walking down a busy street.
I ended up singing it for blocks.
Sep 2017 · 107
The sun is back!
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
I thought you had turned on the light.
But alas, nature couldn't put more rainy days on the forecast.
The sun is here to last us enough shine to re-compensate for the thousands of teeth chattering.

Clackity clack! The sun is back!
Sep 2017 · 181
To climb you gotta rhyme.
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
I read it in a book today that really caught my eye,
it said "to climb you have to rhyme" and that stuck in my mind.

That phrase, the catch, the maze that hatched,
I can't think of anythings else!
Get out the dictionary! A new order must be dealt!
This poem started as an untitled draft with only the words:
"I didn't mean to say the worst thing at the right time."
Then I ended up rewriting and changing the whole thing.
Sep 2017 · 220
The Earth moved.
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
The water is brown again,
the lights are shaking on and off.

The streets are alone,
no one's on their phone.

The water ceases to arrive,
I feel lucky to be alive,
the gas starts to deprive the air from my lungs.

It's a natural disaster but what is the Earth after?
After all, are we just a bad case of flees?
After experiencing the earthquake in Mexico.
Sep 2017 · 217
On the line
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
I'm enslaved to a screen.
I can't remember wether I am a human being or not.
I've spent my days in solitude spreading my attitude through cyber space.
We all have a pretty face on the line.

Bring me back to reality where faces are larger than thumbs.
You're my number one avatar, lift me up, keep my eyes from staring at this world I never anticipated.
Keep me safe from all the hatred no one takes credit for and what's more I'll shield your eyes from the machine.

Our time is on the line, our time, is, on, the, line.
Too much computer time makes me write these sorts of things.

— The End —