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lavendersky Apr 2018
Who are the people who decide what is the beauty?
Who is the person who made suicides trend?
Who picks the standards for how i should dress?
Who chose the right amout of food i should eat?
Who says i should be as everyone else
And why are everyone turning that way?
Thank you but i have peace of my own mind, and i won't listen what you say.
lavendersky Apr 2018
Will my children, carry his DNA?
lavendersky Jan 2018
Nautilius is ready,
prepared as it can be,
searching for the lost Atlantis,
drowned in deep blue sea.
  Nov 2017 lavendersky
there is someone in my mirror,
someone i know well.
its bones are cracked
but it feels no pain.
its lips are black
and eyes are gray.
every now and then
it tries to escape,
it breaks the glass
and cuts its face.
and when we met
it had new scars,
that never hurt,
and never bled.
it counts my words
and then goes mad,
if my hairs are not
perfect on my head.
it tells me where
it tells me when,
and then goes mad
if i don't obey.
it wakes me up
to check the door,
and then goes mad
if it's locked once.
it moans and cries
if i knock three times,
instead of four
which is fine.
it whispers softly
when i walk,
to make sure
my steps are all
carefully counted
  Nov 2017 lavendersky
How your sadness gravitates,

sweat drops rolling down my skin like tears

shed from blinded eyes, beauty in fears

across our space find my heart

marking targets with each beat,

and every moment become spurts

of breathing ink, sustaining heat

emanating from expressions buried deep

inside your mind, which I stole,

for way before I knew your words

I met your soul-

"I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever."
lavendersky Nov 2017
Memories go missing,
our smiles get broken,
we leave on purpose,
some words unspoken.
lavendersky Nov 2017
Dear daughter of mine,
i want to thank you,
for all the wonderful things,
that you have taught me.

Thank you for the sticky
chocolate kisses , the necklace
made of pasta and dental floss, for all
the hand made cards and flowers  picked from my garden.

you made me remember the way i was,
the way i danced in my room unhurt by the world,
the way i was falling in love with people i shouldn't,
the way i felt like the whole world was under my feet.

Oh deer daughter of mine,
i hope you stay the way you are,
my little girl with no worries and no pain,
with big mouth but with nothing smart to say.

I wish you the love that lasts forever ,
i want you to have a safe and loving home,
with good friends, and people who care,
i want you to feel the most wonderful things.

i wish for you to know what happiness means,
and that sometimes it comes only after pain.
I want you to know that everything has a price,
that you will eventually have to pay.

You'll learn that love is the most expensive thing,
and the cost is  your  time and commitment ,
And i will  teach you everything i can and know,
for the rest, i am sorry, but honey, you must do it on your own.

I wish you to be the best person you can
you have a lifetime of decisions that you'll have to make
so don't hurry to grow up, stay sweet as long as you can.
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