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  Feb 2021 Kade
My skin has become a tic-tac-toe board swarming with X’s
Fresh scars etched as new spaces are uncovered

I am running out of room
I am running out of time
  Feb 2021 Kade
In the seasons
I sat lonely
I learned what souls
to call my friend,
exposed by
changing colors
some did blossom
some did end.
Friends are like flowers.
  Feb 2021 Kade
Eric Bergeron
For years, you pulled my strings.
You had a grip on me, and it felt so cold.
Felt like ice surrounding my life and crushing me bit by bit.
You held me prisoner...

Your years of abuse and torture, bent and warped my mind.
At times making me feel like I was nothing.

But guess what??? I cut my strings.
I am falling, but I am free. Free from you. From your harsh words. Free from the madness that was your pitiful soul.

You no longer have a hold on me.
So this is goodbye. I do not wish you well. I wish you the life that you have. Whatever karma falls back upon you, is what you deserve.

Watch me live my life, shaking the earth and rattling the stars.
For I am free, and you can no longer pull my strings.
I am free from your abuse. Free from your madness.
Kade Feb 2021
I'm so tired

I just want to sleep

is it really a bad thing

To want to sleep

and sleep

And quite possibly

Never wake up?

To just close my eyes

And surrender

To the overwhelming fatigue

and weight of my eyelids

And stay in the darkness

Just let me sleep
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