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Eric Bergeron Jul 21
I won't pretend that my life has been perfect.
I have had my ups and downs and at times, didn't even think I could push forward and make it out.
I have doubted myself more times than I can count, and faltered in my journey

But hear me now, I will never quit.

I will push forward, whatever comes my way and I will rise and overcome.

I will live on!

My future is directly ahead of me and is wide open to the possibilities of life.

I will grab life by the horns and ride out this crazy train!
Eric Bergeron Jun 11
You are fighting a silent war, that no one knows about
You always hold it deep inside, never letting it show
The weight of your battles crushes you
You are not sure how much more you can endure

As the darkness engulfs you, and you finally reach out for help
You let out a noiseless scream
A call for aid, lost deep in the shadow of the void

Take my hand and let me be a soldier in your war
I will march with you through your darkness, until you are back in the light

Your silent screams did not go unheard
I  hear you, you are not alone.
Eric Bergeron Apr 27
I may fall
I may get beat up by life and crumble to the ground
Giving up and staying down sometimes feels like the best option
Surrendering to the darkness...

I will not let that happen
I will rise up as many times as I fall
I will not let the darkness win
I can't let it win...

As long as I have at least a single ounce of strength within me, I fall, I rise.
That is my promise to the world
I fall, I rise. My promise, unbroken.
WE are the broken. The ones who have been beaten down by the world. By others around us and the storms we face EVERY single day.
We are the ones who have fallen down time after time. Never sure if we will be able to rise back up.
We are the ones that the world looks down on. They doubt us and tell us we are nothing, that we are weak.

But hear this. We will not be silenced. We may fall, but we will always get back up and carry on. We will exit each storm stronger than the last, and ready to face whatever is next.

WE are the broken, and we are here to stay.
Hear this world, we are here to stay....
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