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Sam Bowden
Tampa    Love, lucid and elusive.
James G Paul Sr aka Pablo
USA    Chasing moral clarity and a bucket of soul. ~P See more of me @
Canny Vulpine
Sydney    A broad-minded writer, a metal band guitarist with an exceptional philosophy and view upon this world and you like no other.
Canada    I luz reading poetry :*
Brandon Antonio Smith
Tampa, Florida    I'm a timid, young man struggling to embrace himself in this world. You can contact me through Facebook or Instagram if you want. Facebook: Brandon ...
Aaron Mullin
~~ ~ From the Belly ~ ~~    My body of work is a medicine path. The overall arc of my poems documents my shift into openness. I hope you enjoy.
Ember Evanescent
I live In books + my mind    They say you can tell a lot about a person from their biography So I hope mine proves useful in that regard I was born ...
Moon sun mars
Tina ford
Liverpool    You already know me as I know you. Maybe this life has made you forget!
21/F/Indonesia    "What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?" – John Green
kt mccurdy
SG Holter
Fenstad, Norway.    Norwegian. Construction worker at daytime. Poet, musician and artist at night. All poems are the original works and property of © S.G. Holter, unless otherwise ...
A particle physicist lacking gravity trying to learn more and more about less and less until finally knowing everything about nothing...
serenity reinhardt
some where in the world    i love poetry and reading and well wrighting all together, LA and Social are my strongest in school and well im ME and i am ...
19, British, aspiring graphic designer. Despite never going on to study poetry past the age of 16, I still love to write to express my ...
Malintha Perera
Cayla frazier
alabama    26 yr old country girl who loves to wear camo and drive my jeep. Im an EMT/firefighter and love helping others. I know im not ...
United States   

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