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5.7k · Jan 2015
Cherry Blossom
The Jolteon Jan 2015
Light painted around your edges
So you glow like incandescent
Eyes shining music into my soul
Words like breath of life
5.1k · Jun 2015
Healthcare Inc.
The Jolteon Jun 2015
Shuffled in
Moved like cattle
Numbers on the forehead
Making money off of death
Gotta keep it white
Like sanitary
To clean up all the *******
4.0k · Jul 2015
The Rich Neighborhood
The Jolteon Jul 2015
The white man leaves his house
Some white women leave theirs
The rest wear spandex and push stroller
The Latino man comes
To build houses to paint houses
The Asian man comes
To build houses to paint houses
The Latina women comes
To take care of the kids
Some Asian men and women
Work in the laundry mat
The rest of the businesses
Owned by white people
The white man comes back
Some white women come back
And everyone else leaves
The Jolteon Oct 2014
Some people want to be
Some people want to be
Be yourself
You are special
You are normal
You are so much more than you could ever realize
Because you
Are you
One of a kind
2.7k · Jul 2015
Intersectionality in America
The Jolteon Jul 2015
A nation that bleeds
Unwilling to confront the past
The last thing we need
Is celebration and blasts
The unequal treatment
Race gender and class
Shines so clearly
With Donald Trump laughs
In this time reflection
Will shine a better path
Reconstruction Redistribution
Instead of indifference and death
2.1k · Jan 2016
The Jolteon Jan 2016
The City of San Francisco
The wealthy playground
For those with enough to
Kick someone else out
Letting capital flow
As it will
"It's all good"
If you have money
If not visit Oakland and push
Someone else out
What happened to a city
For the people
What happened to life for life itself
Not life to make dollar signs appear
When it all ends
Will you be in a place surrounded by love
Or debts owed to petty thieves
The city is dying
Don't just sit and watch it bleed
1.9k · Jan 2015
Allegory of Depression
The Jolteon Jan 2015
Allergies exist on a scale
From mild to severe
I once had a friend
Who did not understand why I had allergies
Why I always sneezed
And had to blow my nose
Why I always opened a window
And looked like ****
The allergies became a nuisance to people
In the way
Then one day
That friend developed allergies
He came over sneezing
Is this what it’s like?!
I feel so bad for you
I never knew how it felt
My body is attacking me
It’s horrible
You don’t have to experience things
To show kindness
Simple acts of sympathy and empathy
Carry other miles
1.9k · Feb 2015
Weeknd Hangover
The Jolteon Feb 2015
What's love got to do with it
Especially after a few drinks
The airs thick with it
Been in and out of too much
Confusion of one over the other
Let time tell what we mean
To one another
It's all here and gone
What's love got to do with it
First and last lines taken from a song
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Adamantly indifferent
To a life lead without happiness
Letting time pass by unappreciated
As if that is what it is meant for
1.8k · Nov 2014
Smoking Weed
The Jolteon Nov 2014
Smoking *** can make you lose your job
Drinking liquor can make you lose your liver
Smoking tobacco can make you lose your lungs
Eating McDonalds can make you lose your heart
Drinking soda can make you lose your feet
Snorting coke can get your high(ered) in congress

You can lose your feet, liver, lungs, and heart while coked up in congress
But you can't smoke ***
1.6k · Oct 2014
Office Buildings
The Jolteon Oct 2014
Where do souls
To die
The buildings
Are haunted
By those
With regrets
1.5k · Dec 2014
The DJ
The Jolteon Dec 2014
The things we don't remember
Are the things we care to forget
But who makes that choice
And why
The things we spin our wheels on
And others that don't have a chance
Who is the dj
Playing these songs on repeat?
1.5k · Dec 2014
Two Destined For Others
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Falling out of love
Is something that happens
Minds and hearts
Drift apart
New loves
Taken up in place
Of old ones
Some love remains
But others change
Hearts once on fire
Tamed by the dulling reality
Of complacency
Loves change
The heart doesn't
1.5k · Dec 2014
Marcus Books
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Rising rents
Doesn’t seem to care
Who they affect
The City could care less
The mayor giving
Tax breaks
Playing high stakes
With peoples lives
The landlord
Controlling the soundboard
With rent control
Now seen as a nuisance
No one used to want to live here
But now they do
They say there is not enough housing
To fit they appetites
Well don’t be so hungry
Don’t be so greedy
Share a space
Don’t displace
Contemplate actions
Homeless shelters
Next to highrises
Single occupant
Could fill ten beds
Instead of one head
Even Jack gets kicked out
The bar that supplies the ghost
Is a poetic footnote
To the money hungry
Seeing dollars
Instead of history
The nations remaining
Black bookstore
Painted The Color Purple
Now shut down
By monied clowns
Stating their needs for millions
Over millions who need
Instead of
****** glossed over history
Without a shred of the past
Marcus Books
Where Malcolm, Ali, Davis
Now lost
To the highest bidder
People come
People go
But the erosion of history
Is a swift reality
Of the gentrification
Of The City
1.4k · May 2015
The Old Guitarist
The Jolteon May 2015
A picture says
A thousand words
I'll give two thousand
And paint a better picture
I love the old guitarist painting
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Where did the fire go
You talked of blood diamonds
Slave labor
And imperialism
Now you sit on a couch
With that rock on your hand
Weighing you down
1.3k · Oct 2014
For the Love of Art
The Jolteon Oct 2014
Where is the line
Perfection and Insanity
So many are told
They have a mental health
I think
We don't have enough
To make this perfect world
A little more
1.3k · Mar 2015
Pegasus' Demise
The Jolteon Mar 2015
I would fly
But I've misplaced my wings
Yet they are still pushing me
To jump off the edge
I wouldn't make it very far
Even with a running start
1.3k · Aug 2016
The Jolteon Aug 2016
The cars get a little nicer
The people get a little whiter
The faces get a little tighter
And I've lost all my friends
1.3k · Jun 2017
Online Dating
The Jolteon Jun 2017
Trust, honesty
And mutual respect
Are these things
We forget
Or things
We neglect

For our friends
We attempt
A semblence
Of intent

For our lovers
We invent
Illusions of
What's best
1.3k · Jun 2017
Missing you
The Jolteon Jun 2017
You are a planet
Come crashin into me
Start feeeling like
This is hennessy

Everytime that you
Come rushin into me
I start to think about
Everything I really need

But it seems like
Seems like
You don't care about
My life

But at the same time
I'm ok with that
The Jolteon Jan 2015
Child loves people
Child especially loves animals
Kid has many pets
Kid has many friends
Teenager loves biology
Teenager wants to become a doctor
College student majors in biology
College student wants to heal people
Doctorate student studies hard
Doctorate student wants to change lives
Doctor turns away those with wrong insurance
Doctor watches people die
Doctor makes private companies rich
Doctor feels sad and stupid
1.3k · Apr 2015
The Jolteon Apr 2015
This play
Has many acts
No disparate steps
That end in a result
An orchestra of events
Carefully planned and practiced
Carried out in sequence
With the final act
The meal
If these parts aren't cohesive
Cut and chopped into confusion
Your finale will fail
The art of cooking - like music or chemistry you must be delicate and precise
1.2k · Oct 2014
Minimum Wage
The Jolteon Oct 2014
Who deserves a living wage
"I struggled through college to get my degree"
They shout
"All they do is flip burgers"
They say
As they flip their pages
Of their peer reviewed articles

Who deserves a living wage
"I built this company from the ground up"
They say
"They are just too lazy"
They shout
As they sit in their chair
Drinking liquor

Who deserves a living wage
"I am a human being"
They scream
"What makes you different than me?"
They ask
As they demand
A living wage
1.2k · Feb 2015
The Old Days
The Jolteon Feb 2015
Man it's been so long since we've hung out
Too many weeks pass my minds got doubt
It gets harder to tell what you believe in
What you sendin to hell
I just try and get in touch with you
No cell phone no phone calls
Things get confused
But here I am
Still praying for you
Still begging for you
Are you gonna return
Does the difference make a difference
Have you completely fell off
I just ask one thing
I don't care what it is
Come back in one piece
Title inspired by song of the same name
1.1k · Dec 2014
Makeup and Madeup
The Jolteon Dec 2014
All my life
I've seen girls and woman
Told to hate their own faces
Refusing to go outside
Without a face painted to perfection
Eighth grade -
Girl with blonde hair
Doesn't believe me when I say she's beautiful
When she lets me in
Her house
Wrapped in a blanket
Canvas blank
She nervously lets me stay
Two years after college -
Girl with brown hair
Doesn't believe me when I say she's beautiful
When she asks me how she looks best
And I say "without makeup"
She stares and says
No when do I look most beautiful
She nervously laughs

All my life
I've seen boys and men
Told to hate their own faces
Nose down ninety-five percent of the day
Eyes can't meet others
Freshman year of highschool -
Young boys face spotted with change
Ashamed without confidence
Feeling too small
Too insignificant
Lacking perfection
Ten years later -
A man with short brown hair
Eyes feeling too sunk in
Face not sharp enough
Cheeks hollow
Body twisted made to feel ugly
Almost letting go
1.1k · Apr 2015
Laguna Honda
The Jolteon Apr 2015
These wheels spin
Draped in the clothes from
The Hospital
Rolled out
Onto this platform
Waiting for the underground
Hunched in the hospital wheelchair
Stares flood
The Homeless
Are unsightly to those who pass
Especially the sick
Less tolerable than the
Smiling panhandler
The Jolteon Jan 2015
The City in the 70s
Things painted diversely
Yet discrimination runs deep
A mother out to buy ice cream
English a foreign notion
Coming to the store
One pint of ice cream at the counter
Unable to converse
Chinese not understood
"That will be $50 he says"
Takes the money
As she leaves
Ice cream for her son
Her son who did then weep
The character of a person
He knew
Defined by their actions
The seeds that you sow
Are the ones that you shall reap
The Jolteon Jan 2017
Certain American cities are said
To be on the rise
While others at the same time
Decay into their own demise
Those that prosper are being told
You must grow!
You must accommodate the influx of capital
Even if some must go
To those who are priced out
Evicted or displaced
The powers that be simply could not care
That you miss your grandma's face
The solution they say
Is to build to meet demand
No matter that this fills the pockets
Of those who rigged the scam
If supply is the problem
That is not meeting demand
Then why are the two densest cities in the States
The most expensive to live in
San Francisco is undergoing a second technology boom causing a massive spike in the amounts of money and people flooding into the city. This is directly causing displacement of the working class and people of color. Challenging top-down development in an attempt to retain community control of neighborhoods is the only way to resist.
1.1k · Dec 2014
Homelessness In America
The Jolteon Dec 2014
In the dead of night
What do you find
When you slip outside
Your regular mind
Instead of drifting
Off to sleep
Take a walk
On down the street
What you find
May be a surprise
A whole family huddled
Under the nearest highrise
People just like
You and me
Except with no home
Stuck on the street
The politicians pass over
The firefighters scream by
The business execs don’t see
But the child asks why
Why is the house empty
With a man outside
Why is he a ghost
If he is alive
1.1k · Mar 2015
Chinese New Year Parade
The Jolteon Mar 2015
Dancing in the street
Draped in red
Sounding off all around
The parade drew the crowd
Until it swelled
With appeciation
For their culture
1.0k · Jan 2015
Welcome 2015
The Jolteon Jan 2015
The 80 richest people
Have as much wealth as 50% of the human population (3.5 billion)

What is the resolution
For 2015
Economic inequality
Is raging the world over
Let our speak of peace
Resonate with reality
Attach it to the peace of mind
Of economic security
What ever happened
To the war on poverty in the USA?
Replaced with a phony war on Drugs and now Terrorism
Black Panthers were militantly against poverty
The FBI stated the greatest threat from the Panthers
Was not the guns
Was not violence
It was the Free Children's Breakfast Program started in Oakland
Where they fed hungry poor kids
Now tell me where the progress is
Because there are still hungry poor kids in Oakland
There is still poverty
The world over
As we welcome 2015
Let us truly fight for peace
income inequality:

panthers breakfast program:
The Jolteon Jul 2015
Unless it's
A cooperative
Someone's working
Too hard
Big boss
Is stressed
Is it stress
That makes you an
Or lack of brains
Like a puppet set
987 · Oct 2014
Half open window Full moon
The Jolteon Oct 2014
As I open the window
Smoke floats out
Into the moon
I turn on the radio
And look back out
The moon is gone
Dancing away
976 · Jun 2015
Terror Lies
The Jolteon Jun 2015
Who terror
Rises up with the flag
Claiming a land of their own
Gun in pocket hate in their heart

Who terror
The man with a job
Trying to get by
Snatched up by Patriot Act lies

Who terror
Razes churches with bells ringing
Hate speech home page
Wants slavery and return of the KKK

Who terror
A different religion
A different color
A different way
More people killed in U.S. by white exremists than by "middle eastern extremists"
946 · Jan 2015
The Jolteon Jan 2015
The most abused of them all
That bitter taste
The bite of fire
Liquor and beer
The murkey and the clear
One of the coolest
Joe cool
Blow like city breeze
As romanticized as diamonds
Just as ****** - cigs
The Doctors choice (orders?)
Gets you revved up
Shot to the moon and back
With complete concentration
Amphetamine aka Adderall
945 · Jan 2015
American Democracy
The Jolteon Jan 2015
Excuse me sir
The words were uttered
Surprised I turned
To see another

"If I may please have a second of your time"
"Sure" I said "That will be fine"

I'm sorry I'm at a loss for words you see
I've been out here since 8am
Everyone I've asked has passed me by
Looked me over as if I'm not a man

The time then was 1:30 in the afternoon
Dumbstruck I did the math in my head
Five and a half hours in the same spot
People treating you like you was dead
That's ****** up
Is all I could say
Open my ears
And listen away

I know you are late for a movie
And busy with your time you must be
I know you work hard for your money
That in this life nothing is free
I know people may be suspicious
Thinking with money I will burn and waste
I promise you that I am only hungry
Food the only thing I will take
For this please sir I ask you
If you may take the time
Could you please get me some pizza
I won't ask you for a dime

Please sir I assured him
If food is what you need
Take this and buy some
We all need to eat

Looking down he received the gift
Smiling back holding out a hand
Mine stretched out we did shake
The recognition of a man

"Enjoy the food" I did say
"And you the film for me"
Turning around he walked off
After hours on the street

In my mind this man did stay
His eyes burned into my brain
Worth of life measured in wealth
Class divides remain
941 · Apr 2015
The Jolteon Apr 2015
Hot Cheetos
Over ***
There's more fire in msg
Than monogomy
The Jolteon Aug 2017
Right girl
Wrong time
She was hanging
With some other guy

I thought I
Was stronger
Than I found out
I was

Pride gets
In the way
So often
These days

Am I to blame
Or are you
I'm still not
Quite sure
The Jolteon Dec 2014
is not something that just
passes us by
something that just
schedules our days
disappearing faster
than we can plan for

is all around us
embracing us
allowing for hours to turn to minutes
to turn to seconds
to an instant
frozen forever
in our memories

if there was not enough time
in this world
then we would not be here
the time is here
it is ours
we must take it
get lost in it
it will always be there
before and after
time is not "of the essence"
time is the essence
In response to the Redefine Society Challenge. Great idea!

918 · Jan 2015
Ringing Out in the New Year
The Jolteon Jan 2015
Boom boom
Organized thugs
Navy blue hats

Singing songs
About murdering kids
Pleading the 5th

Boom boom
Organized thugs
Carrying bats

Jumped the turnstile
That fare ain't free
That's 10 from behind
In the SFC

Boom boom
Organized thugs
Pointing gats

New Years passed
Face down on the ground
Fruitvale Station
A pop the final sound
Michael Brown, Kenneth Harding, Oscar Grant
The Jolteon Dec 2014
When someone
In charge
Tells your coworker
That they laugh too much
And to stop laughing
So much
Then it’s time
To run
For dear life
Title inspired by a poem by Frank Ruland titled "So, You Suspect Your Boss Is Satan? (A Public Service Announcement)"
880 · Dec 2014
Blue Jacket Red Bike
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Two wheels
By the beach
Riding over concrete
Flashing by
Where you go
Only you will know
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Through the neighborhood
Looking kinda like
You and me
The only difference is
The license to ****
Like a bond movie
With human lives
This ain't
This is
Where a police badge
Can take your life away
859 · Oct 2014
Seafoam Green Fender Guitar
The Jolteon Oct 2014
I tried to write a song
But the music
Is gone

I have gone too
To get it

I long for the sound

An untamed idea
Forcing its way
836 · Jan 2015
Misery Loves Companies
The Jolteon Jan 2015
When the economy tanks
Unregulated globalized free market capitalism run amuck
People are told to be thankful to have a job
Even if you are miserable with that job
And with service sector jobs making up 80% of employment
Misery is widespread
Underpaid, undervalued, underappreciated
We are human beings for ***** sake
We are starved for more than selling shoes
If being thankful for misery is the best option
It's time to re-evaluate
Not to knock service sector jobs or ppl that sell shoes
798 · Sep 2016
The People, Rise Up
The Jolteon Sep 2016
What would happen
If my shoulders didnt support my head
If my feet let my body collapse
My knees didnt support my thighs

We need each other
The people need the people
The workers need the workers
The women need the women
People of color need people of color

Rise up before we fall
From the local to the state to the federal people rise up enough bigotry, inequality, sexism and racism
792 · Oct 2014
How to Achieve Success
The Jolteon Oct 2014
A good heart?
A kind smile?
Gentle words?
The ability to sympathize
The ability to empathize
The ability to see outside yourself

A heavy hand?
A sharp bite?
A cold tongue?
The ability to distort
The ability to overpower
The ability to be indifferent

What are you trying to achieve?
What success are you looking for?
Inspired by a poem titled "Shell" by TiffanyS
787 · Nov 2014
Playing Privileged
The Jolteon Nov 2014
Feeling comfortable
And like you belong
Everywhere you go
Is a privilege

Acting like the world
Is your playground
Is an abuse
Of this privilege
766 · Dec 2014
The Neighborhood
The Jolteon Dec 2014
More liquor stores built
Than community centers
Letting that hole
That so many have
Till they drown
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