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Sajini Israel
Sajini Israel is a writer and poet
24/F/Cebu, Ph    Heartache is what she is Accompanied with brewed drink and ink
Clifford Smith
35/M/Rockingham, NC    I've been writing for a while but I never let anyone read it. In my town we are unnoticed and I want to read great ...
Louidjy Francois
Philadelphia Pennsylvania    "Writing is not a hobby or a passion, it is a way of life" "Anger can either build you up or tear you down" "Don't ...
Turfloop campus   
Deborah Brooks Langford
Someone once said today will be yesterday and tomorrow will never come... so love today with all your heart, tomorrow might be too late... Friendship ...
Kenneth Knowlin Jr
M/Savannah, Ga    A mind is a terrible thing to waste; and so are the words that remain hidden in that mind.
Kelley A Vinal
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somewhere in the universe    This allows me to have wings and fly and be a stone at the same time. PS, please no one steal my stuff, it's important ...
Roger Turner - Poet
Writer in Actually, just someone who started writing for fun and enjoyment. I now have one book in three languages, and colouring book form. ...
M/Iligan City Philippines    life is integral it never be seen :)
Mike Essig
Mechanicsburg, PA    I am a monk, minimalist and anarchist. I now live in Mechanicsburg, PA in a shotgun apartment (without a shotgun) with only a neurotic cat ...
I am the shape of unfinished poems.
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
Florida; Italy    Giuseppi Buonaiuto is a former commissioned officer and veteran; employed later by one of the more obscure government clandestine services. He holds numerous graduate degrees ...
The  Good  Pussy
40/M/Litchfield Illinois    Hopefull Poet This is the blog of a writer who is sussing out life through living, reading, thinking, and writing.
I am a poet ( I write in both Arabic and in English languages). I am a translator - an interpreter ( English - Arabic ...
India    Two options each has given thee. Let me give you options three. You can hate me, you can love me, And you can even ignore ...
Tiberias Paulk
I'm only wondering in rhythm
Chase Gagnon
Harper Woods, MI    "pain is gone, tears take the rest" -Allen Ginsberg My blog
Peter Tanner
22/M/United States    Poetry is my way of expression. It is a way to share the words I wouldn't say otherwise. I write about nature, love, loneliness, and ...
Washington    Egyptian & Kurdish Born in Syria Raised in Washington Trilingual Serenity. Equality. Unity. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and feelings through my writing, and reading ...
London    Name's Rhian and this be my story... Part of my Heart anyway The rest most will see day to day. A place to vent and ...
A small town    Just a girl with some bad luck who found an outlet she loves.
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