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Aneesh H Jan 31
Let me be a bird
And fly in the sky
Free from all fetters

Let me be a fish
And swim across the seas
Free of all bounds

Let me be the wind
And flow everywhere
Free of all barriers

Let me be the sun
Let me be the moon
And caress the nightly Earth
With my cool milky warmth

Let me, let me just be
Freedom or Liberty is a value that every living being longs for. For me, freedom is the escape of my mind from the inevitable mundane. An elevation of my spirit to something transcendental, and not ephemeral. Not necessarily a permanent refuge but even a momentary catharsis in the continuity of chaos.
Make up your mind.
Do you want a mindset made for this Earth
or one of a different kind?
Why do you worry about clothes...
that won't even matter when you're dead.
Who's going to remember what you wore or if you had on Michael Kors?
Soon his name will be forgotten as well,
gone and left with no more products to sell.

— The End —