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I look and i wonder
What i have done
I sit and ponder
Why i cant find the sun

We were friends right?
Once upon a time
But now im struck by fright
I hear the clock chime

Maybe nothing ever lasts
Maybe its all just moments
And eventually they all pass
But my heart still rents

I just wish i knew
What i always seem to do
And how i constantly anger you
And why is it that you flew?

Away from me
I was just trying to see
To look into you
And let you look into me too

But instead you pushed me
And not just literally
You didn't want to see
Maybe im just full of folly

For ever thinking that we might
Somehow still be friends
This poem is about someone who im no longer friends with, and i dont really know why. But i wish knew what i did that was so bad....
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
There are problems
no one else can see

Like a chill of the air
creeping inside me.

Like when I
try to
too much of you
too much of me

how happiness making
me cry,
fills my swelling heart
with worry

I know that I might die,
but you are heaven
in the now


& it's gentle,
& gives me butterflies
like a snowflake flurry

Needing you all the time
though I try to not hurry
Your gentile heart binds
the best of this world
with the worst
using a magic that is
surprise, surprise.

— The End —