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We ate by this Café
Plates served and drinks placed
as I was just infront of you
Talking like we used to
Just coffees and silver forks
Our secrets and small talks
But then you took a sip
And one bite
Bid goodbye
Like the last time...
You didn't look back
To that waffle wasted
To the time you didn't need
I knew.
You didn't want to stay with me
Nicole Bataclan Jan 2015
We meet for afternoon coffee
For this I reckon
I would fancy a waffle with it.

How are you?,
The first sentence of the last conversation about me and you.

While dipping a piece of my waffle
In the whipped cream
I did not order,
I have a thought.

We have never been
More than a side dish;
Like a waffle I would
Every so often ask for.

To sweeten this life
I require more.

I still prefer to take
My coffee black, as plain as my heart.
Asa D Bruss Oct 2014
Gemini sheriff of happy town
kills all the frequent cow-catching waffle machines.
He rounds up all his cowboys
and retires all the shepherds in a cloud most curious.
Somewhere soon there will be a better thing to do
than reach for the cookie jar all life long.
Unfortunately there will come so many who also wear the star.
All them good folks are stuck in a stampeding herd of confusion.

— The End —