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Genesee Mar 2018
When someone asked me why I did a certain thing
If anything it reminded me of the past
and of you for a split second
I quickly changed topics in order to avoid me from wanting to talk about you.
But when she kept persisting and kept asking.
I almost wanted to cry right then and there but then I reminded myself of how strong I was.
How even though you hurt me emotionally by stringing me along.
telling me empty words with zero meaning now looking back at it
But at the time oh how I wanted half of the words that you told me to come true
I wanted to meet you for the first time.
See you offline.
But then when I self-reflected
Was when I realized how the way I acted back then
vowed never again would I let myself be swayed by pretty words
Promising me things until it wasn't what you wanted anymore
written when I was feeling the after effects of heartbreak back then

— The End —