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iamtheavatar Apr 2017
If I could just live
this life again,
I shall find you
right from the start.

**iamthe_avatar ©2017
A poem for love.
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iamtheavatar Apr 2017
How shall I describe thee?
Oh, Venzerie.

Your eyes are like sunsets,
full of awe and mystery.
The strands of your hair
are like strings of silk and gold;
as firm as the ground,
as flowing as the river.
Your cheeks are like apples—
Well, I like apples.
Your lips are like two autumn leaves
dancing gracefully as the winds breathe.
Your teeth are like pearls washed ashore,
glistening as the sunlight bounces off.

What more shall I say?
Oh, Venzerie.

You had me with your smile
on the first day we met.

Like a moth prancing
recklessly with death;
hypnotized by the whisper
of the flame.
Like a little boy,
gazing through the window,
outside a toy store.
Like a speeding motorcycle
on an endless one-way road.

I'm smitten by the sound
of your sweet voice.

Like a weaned child sleeping
soundly in his mother's arms.
Like a seasoned boxer suddenly
out cold on the very first round.
Like a kitten placed in front of the
mirror for the very first time.

How beautiful you are!
Oh, Venzerie.

Like a calm before the storm;
an indescribable moment
of fleeting serenity.
Like an exchange of peace
inside a chapel on a good
Sunday morning.
Like a name on a coffee cup
spelled perfectly right.

Oh, Venzerie.
Your name is one-of-a-kind—
Well, I asked Google.

Like the dimples on your cheeks,
or the freckles on your face.
Like the way you laugh,
or the way you smile.
Like the way you say a word,
or the person that you are.
Everything is super!

You had me with your "Hello".
Oh, Venzerie.

My thoughts of you are many.
Surely, more than these words
that I could ever tell.
Should I make books of poetry,
surely, I'd write poems of you.

**iamthe_avatar ©2017
A poem for love.

— The End —