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Osheen Khan Dec 2018
लोग पूछते है कोई है लाइफ में?
जो आपके दिल में रहता है
वो जो आपको और आप जिसे अपना मानते है
और वो जो आपको अपने दिल की हर बात कहता है !
मैंने कहा मेरी ज़िन्दगी तो अपनों से ही घिरी हुई है,
में उनके दिल में रहती हूँ, और उनकी तस्वीर मेरे दिल में बसी हुई है !
वो लोग जिन्हे में अपना भी मानती हूँ,और वो लोग भी मुझ पर जान निसार करते है...
और वो लोग भी है इसमें शामिल, जो मुझसे अपने दिल की हर बात करते है....
लेकिन शायद आपको उस शख्स का नाम सुनना है,
जिसकी सिर्फ परछाई मेरे ख़्वाबों में है, तस्वीर अब तक नहीं बन पायी है !
इसलिए हाँ में अभी तक सिंगल हूं और कहती हूँ कि सिंगल लाइफ ही बेहतर लाइफ है.....
बहुत लोगो को देखा है की वो जिससे दिन भर चैट किये बिना नहीं रहते
कुछ समय बाद "कुछ काम था क्या" इस लफ़्ज़ को है कहते
पहले तो उन लोगो को एक दुसरे के मैसेज का इंतज़ार रहता है
लेकिन कुछ वक़्त गुजरने के बाद उनमें से एक का तो "अब इसका कॉल क्यों आ गया "  ये हाल रहता है...
पहले जो लोग बहुत अच्छे लगते है
वो फिर बोरिंग हो जाते है,
पहले जिनसे रोज़ मिलने की चाह होती थी उन्हें
फिर वही एक नज़र न भाते है !
बहुत कसमें वादे करते है एक दुसरे से
और उन्हें सच समझकर खुश हो जाते है
जब आने वाला कल आज में तब्दील हो जाता है
असल मज़ा तो तब आता है
जब ये पता चलता है की न ही वो लड़का उस लड़की का हुआ और न ही वो मोहतरमा उस लड़के की वाइफ है,
इसलिए में अभी तक सिंगल हूं और कहती हूँ कि सिंगल लाइफ ही बेहतर लाइफ है!
कभी कभी मेरा मन हो जाता है की किसी से बात कर लूं
और कभी दुसरे के जज़्बातों का भी थोड़ा तो ऐहतेराम कर लूँ
लेकिन किसी पर यकीन करना इतना आसान नहीं होता है
उस विश्वास के टूटने का डर भी तो हमेशा आस पास होता है
ऐसा बिलकुल नहीं है कि इस जहां में कोई सच्चा ही न हो...
लेकिन उसे पहचानने का हुनर कहा सबके पास होता है ?
वो बहुत खुशनसीब होते है जो पहचान जाते है उस परछाई के पीछे छिपी तस्वीर को,
लेकिन अभी मेरे पास न ही ये समझ हैं न ही ये राइट है
अभी तो मंजिल तक पहुँचने के लिए करनी बहुत फाइट है,
इसलिए में अभी तक सिंगल हूं और कहती हूँ कि सिंगल लाइफ ही बेहतर लाइफ है...!
This poem is related to me and I am an excellent example of this poem.
Brent Kincaid Sep 2017
I see other people
And they’re happy two by two
It’s like they all know
Exactly what they should do.
They smile sweetly
They hug and hold hands
TheY talk to each other
And seem to understand.

They look into their eyes
And don’t quickly look away
And seem to be listening
To what the other has to say.
The smiles are frequent
And so is the cheerful laughter.
It seems they are well into
Their happily ever after.

Two minus one
The mathematics of my story.
Plenty of guts
But never that much of glory.
There must be something
I have not learned to do
That makes one plus one
Add to up to a decent two.

Going out to dinner
With couples is quite a trial.
Everyone gets uncomfortable.
I quit doing it after a while.
It hurts to see happiness
When you aren’t getting much.
The reminders are constant
With their every loving touch.

Two minus one
The mathematics of my story.
Plenty of guts
But never that much of glory.
There must be something
I have not learned to do
That makes one plus one
Add to up to a decent two.
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
Have you heard about our tennis player?
She is our first singles slayer,
She can serve and she will probably hit you with an ace,
She is impossible to replace.

She can be the sweetest girl you have ever met,
Before the game starts, we shake hands by the net,
But do not try to mess with her when she is playing the tennis game,
She could hit you with her racquet’s frame.

But let me tell you about this girl:
She can easily win the game,
Not only with her smart brain,
But also with her skills that will surely get her to the hall of fame.

If you ever see her around,
She never has a frown,
She will gladly give you a smile,
But do not forget to slowdown and take a look at her style.

You might recognize the girl,
It’s the one with the awesome curls,
You will see her around these halls,
And her pictures will be hanging on the walls.

She is our proud valedictorian,
She will forever be victorious,
One of our most outstanding students,
Oh what a big inspiration but she is clueless!

This journey has been tremendous,
So let me give a shout out to tennis,
Is the sport that brought us together,
I could not ask for anything better.

Now looking back at the place we were,
Only makes me cherish every moment I spent with her,
I will always be thankful for every advice,
That has helped us reach our own paradise.

The best I wish for her career aims,
I hope to see her in the Olympic games
And be the player she wishes to become,
I am a proud friend to see how far she has come.

I never thought I could be this close to her,
Nobody else I would prefer,
To say a “see you later”, at the end,
What a big blessing to call her one of my best friends!
Beau Grey Apr 2016
A man and wife go to lunch.
Premium burgers, shakes and fries.
It's cheap and he can wear his sweatpants.
For every one couple,
there's twenty single fathers
with his children.
(a depressing ratio)
It must be custody weekend.
At the Heartbreak Hotel
tables for two occupy singles.
The men picked out their best shirts
and the women painted their lips.
Looking only for a conversation,
they leave with a bill
priced with another Sunday
of shattered hope.
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
At long last I am legally separated
I have been officially liberated
While I wish only the best for my ex wife
I am determined to be single the rest of my life
A wonderful feeling sweeps over me
With the realisation that I am now free
But why do I feel just a little bit scared?
Maybe I am not ready, just not prepared

Now the lads were great, said it would be fun being single
They took me out so many nights, encouraged me to mingle
But it was a different world, something I had ever known
How did I answer a girl who asked if I “was in the Zone”
They laughed in my face when I asked “Would you like to dance”?
I was so far out of date sure I did not stand a chance
I had no pick up lines, what was this “banter” about
In the end I made up excuses not to go out

It's been six months now, worse than I thought
I cannot find the happiness I have constantly sought
And if there is one thing I have grown to hate
It's friends surprising me with yet another blind date!
To be honest I did not have a hope
I am not good with women, I just cannot cope
Though I have seen some ladies I would have liked to ask out
My nerves go to **** and I chicken out!

I have to admit I do not like being alone
But I would rather try sorting it out on my own
And though I know that my friends only mean well
Some of their blind dates were straight from ****!
Many of them I was pleased to send on their way
Just hoping the dog warden was not working that day
I will not use the word ****, it is quite unkind
But now I know why they say “Love is blind”!

So I tried out the “Singles Club” scene
But got more depressed than I have ever been
There was so much pretence; the whole thing was a sham
I have never seen so much mutton dressed as lamb!
So I decided to give the dating agencies a try
And only found out how much people lie!
Then I thought I would have a go at Internet dating
But my lack of computer skills made it too frustrating
So I thought I might purchase a mail order bride
And I must admit the few I tried
Would have been happy to marry me, Yet;
I could not do it, they seemed so desperate!

I wondered what I was stressing myself out for
And resigned myself to the life of a bachelor
though when I'd see couples holding hands and kissing
I began to think that there was something I was missing
But then I met a woman one day on the bus
And something clicked between the two of us
We have being going out now for almost a year
And I am sure that is wedding bells I hear!!
LovelyBones Feb 2015
Gather up every single one
This is our day to have some fun
Both hands are free and lips untouched
No need to impress, no need to rush
Keep your money, leave the rose
Don't be ashamed if everyone knows
No need to shower or do your hair
Because you're not going anywhere
***** your manners, just be you
Let's face it, what else is there to do
No staring across an awkward table
No 'boyfriend' 'girlfriend' typical label
Forget a mushy gooey Valentine
Or all the drunk ***** with their fancy wine
The perfect Valentine for me
Is on my couch, warm and comfy!
All the single ladies, now put your hands up!
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
Where dark and devastated loners,
Eat black painted noodles.

Sorry sad singles,
Lonely people!

Who dream of dark things, nightshade and purple;

Dressed in black,
Black nail polish,
Black accessories, black shoes.

Marking the time, but no looking back;

Drowning sorrows,
With little green bottles,
Never love a tear.
Kiss seldom, like a cold rainy holiday,

The small girl nowhere views the black dressed drunk in the mirror.

Missing love on this blackest of days...  

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Black Day Korean Celebration April 14th

April 14 in Korea is known as 'Black Day', a holiday where sad singles
gather to eat Chinese-Korean noodle dish swimming in chunky black bean sauce.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
I trace my finger around. With red lipstick on I wear the skin of the pets I had, looking like a marigold shot through the head, my bare skin is barbed in the back. Such trouble and quiet with the wrap-around, the cross-walk, and floral shop as I browse. The white elephant in the upstairs bedroom, is making it hard for every one of us to sleep. With this Africa becomes a disease, that I unwrap from a cotton white sheet. When I breathe life is going good, under the spells of wicked and word. I like to call out in the night, so with no response I can plead for the courage to think; all the suburban philistines try to help me, but I can't tell a joke because I cannot read. Every thing amounts to being fat. Or liquidated in the most pathetic singles party for Karl Lagerfeld.

Numb fingers slur the words as I type telephone numbers that end in threes. I see a notice to be called upon, but it's hard to remember what day it is when your job only pays you in financial advice, "Don't do as I do, but please just do what I say." And I can smell that. The approach that a hunter brews in his midnight solemn cup of tea. Where a voice chimes in while a mouse runs out, dragging the corners of my eyes in a lagging meme, it doesn't do well to even be yourself sometimes, once while traveling I couldn't see. Come that morning I had left my hotel pass inside my favorite pants, black denim toting paint from a ******* shot, a picture that explains my disease.

The fifty inch fan hums an anonymous tune that when I turn quickly towards it becomes this feral baboon. And is it hardly based on fact or is it the illusions and the myths that Christopher Robins struck inside of me. With his griseous hands made of soot and of gouache, that worshipped animals that wear clothes outside. And even sometimes there are z's that transform into other creatures that hum real fast and talk out loud in nursery rhymes, a Whatsit and a Woozel are totally, too much for me. I turn the fan off and lay back down, and fight the world off with hands from another guy, much braver than I who doesn't even have tattoos but he's the top wordsmith from Buckingham. What a beautiful treat and such a magnificent surprise that the elephant lays down to die. Of course that's when my mouth dries up with smoke and my voice turns into the vanilla flavoring that everyone hates, and then too I felt like laying down to die. But I'm not 97 like I had thought I'm quite sure that I'm still alive. The white moon shines into my bedroom window at night and I pretend that I direct for the sky.

— The End —