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  Sep 2015 Robin Marie
JR Falk
Do yourself a favor.
Don't think of the little bit of food that got on their chin that one time in the little pizza place you stopped at together, and how you both laughed.
Don't think about the night you laid on the roof of their car with them, looking at the stars, pointing out your favorite constellations and listening to cheesy love songs.
Don't think about the morning you woke up to their smile when you least expected it.
Don't think about the mornings you woke up to their voice.
Don't think about the long drives where you'd sing at the top of your lungs, for hours and hours.
Don't think about the shows you went to together, and how they cried during that one song, and tried to hide it, but you held them anyway.
Don't think about the moment you made the promise of forever, whether it was the ring in the glovebox they tricked you into finding, or the slow conversation at 2am.
Don't think about the time their car broke down in the middle of town and you helped them fix it.
Don't think about how empowered you felt knowing you could help fix something with them, for them, and made them so happy.
This is something you can't fix.
You can't fix everything.
Somethings are meant to stay broken.
Like the first place you made love,
intimate, raw,
it's not a place you can go to anymore.
Their love does not belong to you.
Yours does not belong to them.
Think about the moment they did the unexpected--
the moment they ended it.
Think about the fact you were expecting a life of happiness, memories, a family, a happily ever after.
Think about how they took that away in a matter of seconds.
Think about how you still deserve that.
Think about how you didn't deserve to get that taken from you.
Think about how they don't deserve you.
Their eyes will forever be your favorite shade of whatever,
but for their mouth to convince you this would never end,
know it's better you got the truth now than later.
Close your eyes.
Put their things aside.
Trust me, you'll get yours eventually.
Lay down and sleep.
You'll dream of them for weeks, months,
you'll think you hear their voice when you don't.
It's for the better.
Your heart was never meant to endure such torture,
and as fragile as it remains once they lift their foot from the wreckage,
why let them have the opportunity to put it down again?
Lift yourself up.
Dust off your coat, your shoes.
It's a long journey from where you are now, but happiness will reappear.
When you're least expecting it, you'll find it again.
And they won't be there.
And that's okay.
I promise.
  Sep 2015 Robin Marie
Melissa Sherwood
When you miss someone
The amount of time they are away shouldn't matter
You miss them the same on the last minute of their absence as you did on the very first moment they left your sight
Robin Marie Sep 2015
Don't tell her
you love her
until you're
you'll love her forever.

Cause she'll take those words
and soak them into her skin,
absorbing them,
and soon enough
you'll make her heart melt
and it will fall
into your hands.

But she'll say them back
and mean them completely.
She'll hope
and pray
that you mean it
as much as she does,
because she's already falling,
trusting you to catch her.
Writing poetry at midnight because I can't fathom the thought of losing you.
Somehow I hope you find this and read all my words unspoken.

We are together, yet we are not meant to be together.
I am terrified of hurting you more than I can love you. Your happiness is all that matters to me and I hate the fact I am giving you sad happiness, I can never give you joy without the pain.
You don't deserve that.
We love each other so much that it is dangerous, it's toxic love. The type of love that we both know isn't right, yet we carry on drowning in it anyway.
  Jun 2015 Robin Marie
What if i told you

Loving you
Is the
Most magical,
Thing I've done in my life.

What if i told you

You inspire me to be
Unapologetically me.

But instead, I'll choke on these words and tremble at the slightest notion that one day you'll find out.
  Jun 2015 Robin Marie
I never asked to fallen love, but it something you can't control.
2015 copyright Michael Cross
  Jun 2015 Robin Marie
donna barba
I'm not saying that it's not gonna hurt
Because it does
It will
It will continue to hurt every single day
He will do things that will hurt
He will say things that will hurt
He will

But it's okay
It's a risk I am willing to take
It's a risk I am willing to embrace
I'd lay it all down
Give my best shot
Because I'm in love
Because I love
And knowing that it might work would have to be enough
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