My body, should be my temple
But why does it belong to someone else?
It belongs to the man who stared too long
It belongs to the man hitting on me in front of his wife
It belongs to the man who put his hand on my ass, even though he couldn’t be bothered with knowing my name
It belongs to the man who kept asking after I just said no
My body isn’t my body
It belongs to men I barely know
Leena Feb 2
Different by color
But the same inside
Always kept separated

Making my rebellion
To those who say they own me
Because I am not property

Everyday is a fight
Working for no money
Night and day

Family torn apart
Whipping for trying to run
One day I will be free

Invisible and forgotten
By those who are above us
Nothing but a waste of their money when we're free

Those who treat us as equal
Are the ones who freed us from this terrible life
Are our saviors forever

Some of us will never find our family
We will adopt the children torn from their families
We are free without knowing our rights
So are we truly free
I wrote this when we were learning about African American history

— The End —