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Orakhal Jul 2020
All calamity bes under your feet
not stepping on your head                  
eye gazes up to above not down to below
a silken light thread spun thru human allness
spinning the body to its ascending

It feels time now ahead bes disappearing
as does time before
senses becoming more liquefied and amplified
to a present state of light being.

All time bes vibrational memory you see
a mental recollection re activated
thru sloppy attention to thinking its there
as nothing old becomes new and nothing new becomes old
a new activation bes required to embody more of all light
to become a more expanded version of ones human and divine self.
Orakhal Jul 2020
We be getting closer to instant manifestation
meaning thought becoming a physical reality to immediate effect
with no time lapse between the vibrational activation
and its manifestation in physical form thru action in its all.

It be most important to pay attention to the vibe rate velocity
and emotional essence scenting from the body,
your sign to nature
the vibe that bes calling to you
vibe rates spinning in harmony with you
as it bes.

Being observant to the physical behaviour
in mind or about you
activates the vibe rate
and puts a spin to you toward materialization
in your reality

you spin it first
and then it bes spun to you
and becomes visible to you

you be creator
you be not created by creation about you.

Looking at any object gives it purpose
and ties you to that purpose mentally and vibrationally
as you tell its story you write it and live it as does all
this bes happening all over you
at all turn of events thru time.
Orakhal Jul 2020
Every subject and object
before your eye
in the mind
plays to you a story of itself
as you respond thru mental eye and emotion
an intermittent perspective to that you believe
be unfolding about you

it feels unusual to not respond this way
but we encourage you
to be alerted to every engagement you perceive in your reality
and lean back from the belief in it
to the essence it calls up in your body

this bes the point of activation
to all vibe rates spinning you
inspecting the spin proves to you its benefit or not.
Orakhal Jul 2020
Every line you draw
bes drawn to you
as a fisherman reels the fish
you reel the vibes.

Cast to waters abundant to your liking
and the catch will be satisfactory
cast to a waters stinking and darkly dreary
and your catch will be that
Orakhal Jul 2020
Above below
below above be conceptual

space bes space bes space

emotions bes light and heavy to a body
depending on the vibe rate spin and velocity

belief bes emotional re solve
not mental resolution capturing essence to the imagination

this bes the best way to gauge a vibe rate sign to nature

The Shake to any object or form
moves its vibrational content
in unison to that shaking it

This bes as emotion bes in the human body

moved by alls vibrational spill
Orakhal Jul 2020
To embody light fully

one becomes light

drops the illusion ones becoming it
Orakhal Jul 2020
a non physical entity
wears no physical body

as a physical entity
wears a non physical body
Orakhal Jul 2020

may **** all in you

but you never **** the killer

mind cant die

only content to be re shuffled

all enemies
dissolve away

az creators
stop creating one to fight
Orakhal Jul 2020
An eye
realizes nothing

it stops looking
at itself
Orakhal Jul 2020
Medium creates Principle
Principle creates the Medium
amoeba  bes created thru the culture it bes in
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