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Gray Jun 2018
I can only name one person that truly knows me,
And that wonderful guy’s name is Toby.

Whenever i am feeling under the weather,
That guy is able to piece me back together.

Sometimes things happen to me that are very unplanned,
But luckily for me Toby is always there to lend me a helping hand.

Even if i am feeling even slightly lonesome,
Toby manages to make everything feel so wholesome.

I am always striving to be just like him,
Because then this big world wouldn't feel as grim.
If I am going to be completely honest, I literally just based this off my favorite character from The Office...
nat Dec 2014
Pam Beesly
she shines so bright I sneeze-ly
and then fall onto my knees-ly.

My chest begins to seize-ly
whenever I see Ms Beesly,
and my brain begins to freeze-ly
so my coworkers then tease-ly.

It's unfair just how measly
my existence is to Ms Pam Beesly
but few things are said more easily
than Ms Beesly is the bees knees-ly.

— The End —