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Karijinbba Sep 26
in Tom Jones rocks on stage.
You rock bestest longest,
at Taj-Mahal peoney cave
I swear I only see you;
my rocking sensually!
lover rock dancing your
fifteen pumps into
our heavenly midsts
and back or make it last
****** fifteen times four
nutty Third Rate Romance
Rock me all night long.
lay I sip your willow tea
oh tea of me make too..
I'm in love with your mind
your syllhuette ink heart
Rock me at Ginny baby inn
I grant your every wish!

Oh sweet lover mine
conceived in sacred
temple paradisical womb
ruler king God's named you.
Crafted above endowed
in gold elastic generous thread,
the measure of your pride,
bestest among all kings,
amongst mortal men.
even Angels envy you.

Women sigh with just one look!
You walk a sway unique
istoic celibate you chase me
I'm sinner in your courts
my veil of chastity falters.
come fill my buttercup.
Loving you mornings long
days long the nights long.
my breakfast in bed you
I long for you.
my Tam Tam my base drum
glued to me evermore.
By; Karijinbba
@t Mr and Mrs Andrews
Mark Toney Aug 2020
You say you love me but you’re not
You say you’re going to fight and give it all you got
You say you find it hard to breathe
You say you’re mad at me but I’m the one who seethes
You say you love me but you’re not (in love with me)

                    ~ Tears falling, relationship flailing, love failing… ~

You say you need a place to stay
You say you’re asking me to find another way
You say you thought about the debt
You say you’re leaving but it hasn’t happened yet
You say you need a place to stay

                    ~ The time, the hurt, the pain, the drain… ~

You say you overcame the jones
You say you’ve analyzed it to the bare bones
You say you finally found the cure
You say you’re righteous, clean, happy and secure
You say you overcame the jones

                    ~ Familiar lies, thin disguise, love’s demise … ~

You say you love me but you’re not
You say you’re going to fight and give it all you got
You say you find it hard to breathe
You say you’re mad at me but I’m the one who seethes
You say you love me but you’re not (in love with me)

                    ~ Tears fall, relationship flails, love fails…
                       Familiar lies, thin disguise, love’s demise …
                       This time, this hurt, this pain, this drain…
                       Time runs out… no more to gain. ~

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
10/29/2019 - Poetry form: Lyric - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Anya Jan 2020
And who
are you
to wonder why
The seas and suns
may never die
And who
are you
to ask and beg
To want and pry
upon one leg
And who
are you
to love the sick
The weak and meek
who all die quick
And who
are you
to see the world
The bane you cried
and rock you hurled
And who
are you
to mend what broke
With hands of bone
and grey torn cloak
And who
are you
to take my life
My love, my praise,
my distanced strife
And who
are you
to heed cold breath
To leave your form
with name of Death
are soon
to greet me there
Beneath the walk
of Davy’s lair
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
Ten minutes
In and out
Faster, could I go
But here I stand
Pretty ******* ******
Barely still, on the sway,
Taking grape, when I wanted apple,
Too close to the register,
Show a yellow toothy smile,
All the while, pepper in the teeth
None in return, trans
Action complete
Retire to queerhaus, boot to the floor,
Hide on the couch from the heavy heel n toe,
Wanted apple but I got the grape,
Definitely better than that bullet would've tasted.
Ken Pepiton Mar 2019
Flee ting thought,

pleasant after noon

my mind, I believe, but may
just be me and your minds
g we,


ing shoulder with willows near the shore

waves of light,
all that ever matters, If I got that right,
ere all else,
bound by imbalance to spread,

cornucopia, nautli-like swirls poring
precursers to now into eternity, ye see?

There are individuals less tied into tau than now

your mission,
filter truth
that's the way, life is that which tends to good
ness knowing what
you can't.

No lie, Alex Jones, was there never a myth
emerging as full-formed as yourn?
You are un believable,
acharismatic chimera believing all he thinks
possible, in his version o' twenty cent reality.

Paradigms is four nickles or two dimes or twenty cent,
they shift shape for all they worth,

upgrade now. New ideas, fresh from the mire of
forgotten oathz, deemed
worthy, still..

What lies do you believe about God, by the way,
the truth, the life,

how many voices this guy hearin', you hearin'?

Peace. Point. Game. Match.

who winct winsed sensed since when is
peace the point of war?

Ah, now, the accuset excusetus
possessedus an'we,

are you bored? Wanna wait
and see,
who wins?
some evils are alive, those make monsters,
of girls and boys,
infantry in every service,
such precurser
guardians must be taught to ****; no mortal will,
without letting the monstor be,

believed beliefs doubt yer doubt dufus doubus
unstable double minded forktongue
forced by fear to fight the pain

Running mouth racist flusher of un filtered
impossibilities posing sur
prizes in the mongrol mongol DNA
we carry
the program
the code, the honor and glory of the
peace protector

enemy of con
fusion, alla cons fusin' fools tools for
strifin', divide'n, with faithin',

Is Alex Jones a Legionaire, mit tranceiving
DNA and no zero beat, no tuner to tune to?

He may be home to homeless, non-sane sorts
of idle words begging for redemption,
meaning, sought is phound,

like photons when photons are sought from
the wavy aitia dimensions of reasons
for possibility ibility ibility hill billity

humor like a voice from a whole other
soul, I swear on my kids, it's true, he say.

(Dr. Phil says Liar Liar Liar, yesterday.JRE live)

Whoa, real time speed o'metrix-icity
nify ify to the nth, see no jive,

who can i magi that?

      I, John, was in the Spirit...

gears shift, wheels in wheels
click zooomout
bubbledged jagged inner side
topmost atmostfear

settle, see the clown splash, who winds such minds?
Who tames such tongues?

The tongue no man can tame, eh? I s there another?
Have ye a spirtit of another
sort, who rides your wild tongue in your name,

servants of the sort contrued to serve
the inheritors
of ality re
how now brown cow owmmmmm
60 cycle white noise non sense

common noise sense desensitivity wickering
winding silken myelin layers

of connectedness correctedness
real time speed o'think roller rink

banked spiral offramp
bang, we're thru

Where we were aitia had meaning, may we
rewind? AI undo/redo ram allocation,

birthrights. Look well to my going, guide my steps,

assure always there is a step, a place to
put my foot, a place to step to next.

Cortana and Siri and Hermes and Diana and
a whole host of heavenlies,

tapping directly through cranial y's cracked in skulls
and bones,

are you an entity with enemies you wish disexistant?
how might happy ever after be if haps that made him
made him wrong, not evil?

Feeble comfort is not no comfort.
Bear wit' me, walk a mile, or a while, whenever
thin-thang-thanks tounguey

effort births the next as
one births two,
two births three and we can see,
right, a way.  two and three become four,

for if three birtht four and four, five and so on,
soon, y'see, the re
al point we count up on is never more,
as the raven told poe. a vector with no space for time,
one plus one plus one, one stack o'ones

making no diff
until now, spin, let's twist again,
like we did last summer,

your that summer or mine?
Mine got me here, where'd yours go?

So, Fibbonacci, son of a fool, I once read
written on a wall in LA,
expositioning park,

positions, please.
World Stage, princesses of peace, wee
Disnified Jon Benet's

made sacred by our shame the evil ever touched
such a one, such a one, such a wonder

a being of our sort so potent aitia, and we
leave evil touch such and you
tolerate it, a little bit,

evil has it's place.
Not here is the name of the place.

Here is 4-D mortality. Do yer best,
yer damndest don't work here.

Here is temporary. Your bubble.
Selah. center, enpointed
linger, if ye will. Think how happy ever after works,
if now is all you get to start with.

Good be wit'ye fare ye well.
I watch Joe Rogan talk with Alex Jones and I feel for the guy. It would **** if his reality some how intersected with mine. Maybe vacuum the vacuous posing....
Donna May 2018
Today I'm in a
right mood , the thick black fog as
settled on my head

Ah well least it is
covering my grey hairs , I'm
feeling sarcastic!!

I feel like shouting
at top of mountain , then I'll
see the birds scatter

Everywhere I go
Birds everywhere , even at
corner of my eyes

Yes both my eyes , I
go bosseyed too and look so
silly , but I don't

care today,  cause I'm
feeling sarcastic! But that's
how it is at times

So I treated my
self to a Diet Coke and
a chocolate bounty

Of course I will put
on weight but I do not care
Sarcastic is me

Sometimes you got to
have a shout out , clear the teapot
that has been brewing

It's just normal things
like every day life , when you
ring up a bill and

they put you through to
about ten different people
just to sort out bill!!!

I've been back and forth
to different countries , and I've
just been sitting in

my living room on
the phone , how ridiculous
is that!! It's well stupid!!

Well today I am
being sarcastic , hey lets
see if my poem trends

Oops I am being  
sarcastic again , sorry
just the mood I'm in!!
Take care all much love to u all ***
<3 <3
juniper jones Oct 2017
of pools of brown
and irises of gold
your eyes were the sweetest i've known
so serene, yet hid the roughness
tucked with secrets and stories
they held a softness

of pools of brown and-
irises of gold
your eyes were a truth
they were the coolest
they were the warmest i've ever seen

their own sun
a comfort
o' how your eyes
were magnets to my words
the inner most depths
of my virtue
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
Here, I sail to regions unknown.
On the tides of bliss, you are shown.
Your sweet strokes can calm my heart.
As fear and pain depart.

How the sun is dim to your smile.
West winds blow as I dream of the Isle.
For one day, we will lock our hands.
Upon the golden sands...

Writhe and roar! Sea and tempest grow!
Rise, my Dutchman! Rock to and fro!
Set the sails and man all the helms!
Postpone our journey's end.

Death ascends upon the throne.
As wild as I am alone.
Come to the sea, and cut through the waves.
Hurry to your watery grave!

And my love, who can't be restrained.
I will vow that I'll make you pay!
Drag them, bind them, take their souls!
And hear the death bell toll!

For my love, I gave you my heart.
So that we will never part.
Forever you were my always.
I'll set the sea ablaze.

How I've dreamed we'd meet on the lands.
Words of love have crumbled to sand.
For years, I drown with misery.
I want my liberty...

Unlike you, my heart isn't chained.
Hear my *****, feel my pain!
Lost and cold, my heart knows no rest!
Within this dead man's chest...
Tweaked the poem a bit and added an extra section.
PoTC: DMC is one of my alltime favourite films and as I said before,
I'm obsessed with Davy Jones' Lullaby!

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
© Song by Hans Zimmer. Owned by Disney.
Donna Aug 2017
Today I woke to
banger racing inside my

Red cars blue cars green
cars yellow cars and of course
my fav orange car

My orange car is
my everyday morning sun
winning the races

I love it when it
bashes into other cars
gives them a right knock

When my orange car
wins the sky is always blue
and full of fishes

Yes! Fishes in sky
whales dolphins seals penguins
and even a shark

I don't mind the shark
It's a jolly kind of soul
with big smiley grin

His my bodyguard
I have a fluffy cloud boat
with butterfly wings

It's ever so comfy
just like a memory foam
mattress..feels so bliss

O what fun it is
to sail through the open sky
I get to see birds

seagulls , wagtails , crows
magpies , sparrows , robins , wrens
pigeons , doves , bluetit s

The trees are floating
too but there all upside down
There sky diving

I see lots of cute
ladybirds holding hands
making sunset bloom

Dragonflies huge like
real dragons with grey ancient
poet moustaches

They sit at there desk
each with a secretary
'Miss Octopus

They sit and draw stars
all day long and watch them come
alive when night wakes

I love it when my
orange car wins it helps my

is so fun it's like a free
cartoon comic

I best go now as
I can see unicorns
in summer meadow

There wearing shower
caps and holding water guns
To make rainy day

But my orange car
being my everyday sun
Will bloom a rainbow

Imaginstion tis fun x
Writtenby Donna jones
Julie Grenness Mar 2017
How to keep up with the Jones'?
Listen up for an old female's moans,
I'd love to have someone to trust and respect,
How did you get men like that, by heck?
I'd love to keep up with the Jones',
Listen up for more of my  moans,
I gaze at people hand in hand,
Wouldn't that be great and grand?
Listen up for an old female's moans,
How to keep up with the Jones'!
Feedback welcome.
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