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Jenny Gordon Apr 27
It's certainly a roller-coaster ride.  


O wherefore's Death stalk every hope or sense
As twere of life?  I meant to ink the frail
Note of thet fragile rain which'd moisten pale
Morn's calm til puddles owned the blacktop's dense
Blank, yet how fat, white flakes grew til all's hence
Lost to the bitter touch of Winter's stale
Stretch of a graveyard.  Sparrows warmly hail,
But I miss you (though romance lacked defense).
If I swear that the weather is in tour
Bald ev'dence of how you "like" me, what's new?
Hope on that score died yesterday.  Twas poor
And could not access food, so starved.  I do
Thus kid myself if I b'lieve love'd bestir
Itself.  And even April kills that cue.

Looks like mid-March or February right now.
JJ Inda Dec 2018
frail bones
a past as rich,
as the future is poor.
everything holds
Terry Collett Sep 2018
I sense her shadow
where I tread. Hear
the echo of her voice

through falling leaves
and wind's call. I now
remember her touch

in a myriad of dreams
and years reaching back
to other rooms where

the doors are closed.
I recall our time and
words and places we

went how gone never
to return nor be nor out
of memory feel. Those

rooms are empty now
and echoes fade into
silence and shadows

mingle with dusk and
are no more and stand
like one looking out sadly

from a lonely winter shore.
tyja the cat Jun 2018
what happens when you
drink all the water from the
glass that was half full ?
Khadro Jama Feb 2018
Man... That was too much
Life can end at any minute
Each time I'm enjoying
What I've got a little of too much.
The universe sends a reminder.
That just wakes me right back up.
I wasn't even there for 2 mins,
As I got out of the car.
I see panic.
I see distraught.
I see fear.
A man had an episode ( a seizure)
my mind went blank
I just stormed in to action
Took control of the situation
Its like in that moment
Everything I knew was being tested
A medically challenging
situation accured
All I could do is save this man's  life
In seconds he wasn't breathing
He's brother in a panic don't know what to do
I yell put him on his side .. We struggle for a second
when the time is running out
Quickly we put him in his side
My sister was in the mist of calling the magic numbers 911
Then you can hear in those seconds he started breathing hard
I'm am not a nurse
I don't have CPR/fristAid certification
I've never experienced this in my life
I ****** up the order of things
It was us against time
No experience
Fear clouding every ones judgement
If things were done in order
If I was able time him and be aware of how long this seizure lasted.
but I don't know  there was no second(s) to think
I'm greatful for having training though
I had a CNA certification
I've learned alot of emergency situations that can happen at any given moment
my first experience has
left the person alive
Running and so full of life
Knowing just a few mins ago
He was knocking at deaths door
Left me with these confused feelings
In a matter of 2 hours
that this has lasted
What is this feeling?
Should I be proud of my self?
Should I think about the..
"what if" I wasn't near by at that time ?
What happen is
I saved a life!!
Wow... This is more than me
This just opened up my mind
That anything is posible.
To get my **** together
And get on this nursing career
Because this is more than just me!!!!
As far as the man.. He is alive and well ... He is curently hospitalized.
nick armbrister Jan 2018
atari games
when i was a teenager i had an atari games system
me and my mates played space invaders, pacman and river raid
competing to get the best score and be the best

it was a saturday afternoon in summer in the 80s

that's when it happened while we gamed away
we heard a huge bang and ran out of my mum's house
and down to the road for we knew it was bad
a crowd had gathered and oh ******* hell look!

a girl was lying still on the ground

was she dead?
but i only thought that later
we could see she was nice, too nice,
for all of her legs and **** was on display
as were her ******* and raised short skirt
and what of her face?

i knew she was pretty

there was blood on the ground
but we didn't see it till later
she was near a bus stop which was bent
was she waiting there when she was hit?
hit by the car that was halfway off the road

and equally thru the stone wall?

where was the driver?
the crowd said he'd fled the scene
over the fields and look,
there's tracks thru the grass

my mate's dad came to help the girl

her told his son to go to their house for a spoon
the girl was vomiting and it would **** her
soon his dad cleared the girl's mouth
so she could breath and he stayed by her side
while we watched from over the road

the ambulance soon came and took her away

and later still, the cops nicked the driver
he was drunk and driving and almost killed the girl
later still i learnt she made a full recovery
i wonder where she is now?

does she remember how close she came to death?

and what of the driver who hurt her?
this was 35 years ago and i remember it
like yesterday and the message it says:

don't drink and drive...
this was real...
ryn Jan 2015
How much do you have to hate life,
to not be scared of death?
- ThePoet

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't
Because I really am afraid
But life has only sharp things
Wonder if death is willing to trade...

...a splinter
Embedded in the recesses of my core
Nestled deep, this tiny thorn
The source of my disconcerting sore

...a shard
That stabs itself deep
Extract it I will not
Think it's worth the keep

...a knife
With never a dull blade
Stabs itself right through
Pain that will never fade

...a syringe
Injecting the good and bad
Side effects loom
Driving me quite mad

...a stake
Rammed into my heart
It doubles me over
It rips me apart

...a spike
Impaling without fail
Siphoning my soul
Through the holes in my mail

These are the few sharp things that I own
The only things I've learnt to savour
I've nurtured them large; now fully grown
Always wondered what death has got to offer...
Line taken off ThePoet's "How?", for Frank Ruland's "I Love Doing Lines!" challenge.

This line left me speechless when I first read it. It boasts of so few words but bears so much weight. It's smart, thought provoking and amazingly deep.
I started toying with it and came up with a response.

I am a big fan of ThePoet. I find that her entries exhibit uncanny wisdom, well laid thoughts and they're incredibly captivating.
Here's to you, ThePoet...
Thank you for the inspiration!
Daylight 4U2C Mar 2014
She could die any day.
Just tip-toe away.
                                                                But what would they say?
They still say she's okay.
                                                                      ...They don't say "please stay."
They cry when good men die.
They cry when they are scared.
They cry all the time.
They cry here.
They cry there.
So why?
Why for her,                                                               they don't cry?

Here she will fly                                                     between fire and sky,
                                                                                         in an ocean
her only air being devotion.
Life&Death; her only notion.
                                                                        Is it bad to wish for a potion?
A spell to make this spell go?
She may try so-,
                                                                                  but I just don't know.
                                                                                  Why can't they see?

The lost,
the falling,
she's calling
she gives them a sign,
she loses grasp of her life's line.
                                                                                  Why don't they cry?

Cry for her.
Care for her!
See her here!
                                                                                                   one tear.
Suppress her deepest fear.
Her pain is not mere.
She WILL fall,
if there is no bridge,
between the buildings in her mind.
She WILL tumble,
if no one holds her hand,
and she get's left behind.
Save her.
Savor her.
For like this she will not last.
Deprived of what she needs,
internally she bleeds.
for just one day.
Prove to her,
she will be okay.
Teach her,
how to no be alone.
Love her,
don't leave her on her own.
Don't lie to her.
Don't act so refined.
She knows those lies,
she isn't blind.
And for once,
just for once,
when her thoughts have intertwined,
I beg of you,
I plead of you,
no one leave her behind.
comments? Hearts?

— The End —