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Nandini yadav Jun 2020
बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम,अभी न ऐसे जाना था

अभी तो ज़िन्दगी शुरू हुई थी,जिसे अभी और सजाना था

अपने किरदारों से तुमने,कभी हँसाया तो कभी रुला दिया

बॉलीवुड के चंद हकदारों ने तुम्हें मौत की नींद सुला दिया

भेदभाव की इस नगरी में तुमने,कितना दर्द सहा होगा

सिर्फ टैलेंट के बूते पहचान बनाना,मुश्किल बड़ा रहा होगा

बस,उस पल से और लड़ जाते तुम,जिस पल में तुम टूट गए

हताश हुए,निराश हुए और हयात से यूँ रूठ गए

ज़िंदादिल इंसान थे तुम,तुम्हे चाँद पर घर बसाना था

बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम,अभी न ऐसे जाना था

कुछ वक्त पहले कंगना ने खुद ये राज़ खोला था

भाई भतीजावाद के ख़िलाफ़, सिर्फ उसी ने बोला था

उसकी तीखी बातों पर न कभी किसी ने ग़ौर किया

नेपोटिस्म के सौदागरों ने फिर एक नया शिकार किया

इन तुच्छ लोगों की साजिश में,न खुद को यूँ मिटाना था

बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम, अभी न ऐसे जाना था

आत्महत्या नहीं ये हत्या है,तुम्हे इंसाफ मिलना चाहिए

फिर से कोई सुशांत, अब न शांत होना चाहिए

चला गया वो खामोशी से,अब तो थोड़ी शर्म करो

बॉलीवुड में नेपोटिस्म का ये काला धंधा बन्द करो।

            Did not want to go now ..

Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
Life had just started, which still had to be decorated
You laughed at your characters and sometimes made you cry
Bollywood's few entitles put you to death
In this city of discrimination, you must have suffered so much pain
It would have been difficult to identify only on the basis of talent
Just, from that moment you would fight, the moment you broke
Desperate, disappointed and disgusted with the Hyatt
You were a lively person, you had to settle on the moon
Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
Kangana opened this secret herself some time ago
Only he spoke against brother nepotism
Nobody noticed his sharp words
Nepotism dealers again hunt a new one
In the conspiracy of these frivolous people, not to erase themselves
Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
It's not ******, it's suicide, you should get justice
No Sushant again, no more calm
He has gone silently, now be a little ashamed
Stop this dark business of nepotism in Bollywood.
This is a tribute to sushant singh rajput who made his mark in bollywood only on the basis of his talent. actually this is not ****** but suicide sushant get justice now nepotism hast to be completely eliminated from bollywood and lets boycott all those **** people who promote nepotism
Dharmendra Yadav Jun 2020
Sometimes I look for knife
Just to cut off my wrist,
Ruin this all before midlife,
Coz for me life is mist.

Sometimes I think about my upcoming fascinating days,
That changes my mind,
And forget to suicide and all the gloomy days
And run the life I signed.

Oh sorry I can't bear the scansorial pain.
All my attempt in escaping the life in vain,
Sorry I quit coz of this discomposing life,
Eventually I hang to end up all this strife.
This poem is written in very short time after hearing the news about attempting suicide of Bollywood Hero Sushant Singh Rajput.

— The End —