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imagine catching cold and getting sick.
maybe you drank out of the wrong persons bottle or
maybe you were really sweaty as cold weather began to kick.
maybe you haven’t been drinking enough water.
maybe someone sneezed on you and now
the nasty thing starts growing larger.

depression works in a similar fashion.
except, instead of your nose feeling stuffy and buggish,
and instead of your body aching,
and instead of the constant coughing,

your entire world feels stuffy and buggish.
your mind, body and soul ache.
and there’s constant, coughing, regurgitating pain.

imagine catching a cold and getting sick.
maybe you’ll never ever find someone else like them.
maybe you’re not worth anything they meant.
maybe you won’t get out of bed today.
maybe suicide isn’t the only way.
maybe you should ignore your wealth.
maybe you did this to yourself?
maybe everyone else did this to you?
maybe you’re just blaming others for your suffering?
maybe these are all simply faked graphics and you’re just buffering.
maybe this feeling is just comforting.
maybe the noose won’t swing. maybe their phone will ring?
maybe i’m not worth a thing. maybe the birds don’t speak
because i don’t give them something to sing.

i should probably take antibiotics and drink more water.

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— The End —