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Pyrrha Aug 2018
Although I can't change the words you said
I can change their position in my head

What once was
'Your sparkle becomes a shadow in her brilliant light'
Will become
'Her sparkle becomes a shadow in your brilliant light'

If soothing the pain of his dull blades takes believing in those lies that shift the truth
Then so be it
Pyrrha Aug 2018
Its not the words we say,
Nor is it the words we write
That tear our heartstrings,
That make us ache

Its the order they appear,
The time it takes them to disappear
From our minds,
From our lives

'I will never love her the way I love you'
Contains the same words it takes to become
'I will never love you the way I love her'

The same words,
The same definitions
In different positions,
With different intentions

— The End —