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Azrapse Nov 2017
I’m having trouble finding sanity
the world is corrupt
and filled with insanity
I feel like I should be locked up
In an asylum
Cause my mind keeps
Pouring thoughts like a leak
In the plumbing
My mind is throbbing
To many thoughts
Go through my brain  
Lost track of what is sane
Thinking is it normal
To feel so out of place
My mind is on a different level
By now I’ve killed several demons
Just yesterday I killed akuma
Leigh Apr 2015
Settle your head, slow your breath and take a moment,
take a few and listen to the sound of your body.
Slowly close your eyes and marvel at the shapes snaking their
way across your inner lids; watch them paint the room
within a room as they pulse; fading and then leaping back in time -
a strobe diminishing with every slowing beat, eventually melting to static.
Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Squeeze your knuckles tight and then relax once again. Focus on the
wave of tension momentarily created, coursing like lightening
up your arms and back, to your shoulders, your neck, and then feel it
dissipate as you exhale, spreading new energy to every nerve in your body.
Now open your eyes and find yourself
a heartbeat
in a shell.

This is what it feels like to be ready.
This is where you need to be if you mean to begin.
This is clarity.



— The End —