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Phil Lindsey Dec 2015
With Lackey and Heyward both turning blue
The Chicago Cubs scored a mighty big coup
Kind of a payback for Brock, comma Lou?
What, oh what are the Cardinals to do?

We’re pretty sad, say the fans dressed in red,
That both of those guys chose Chicago instead
But a person would have to be daft in the head
To give up the St. Louis Cardinals for dead.

Yes, the Cubbies think that they have enough
But the whole NL Central is pretty **** tough,
Which team do you think will have the right stuff?
To win in September, when winning gets rough?

2016 will be pretty fun.
There’s quite a Division race to be run
When game 162 is finished and done
We will see which team, the most games, has won.

Yes, next year the race will be closely contended
During the season you might have me un-friended
But in winter time, our rivalry suspended
We can cheer for the Bears till their season is ended.
Phil Lindsey 12/12/15
Hope there are some baseball fans out there in HP land.  Especially Cardinals or Cubs.  Otherwise this won't mean much...........   :-)
EtherealOmega Nov 2015
A trickster’s grin
And a flash of smoke.
A quiet snicker
Meant to at your feelings poke.

This broker knows just how you’ll act
That is just a honest fact.
He watches you from behind cold glass,
And you won’t notice him when you pass.

His only rival has hair of gold
And is a fiery flame to the broker’s cold.
No one knows their true relation
But it could lead to his damnation
Should he give in a bit too much to temptation.

For now he’ll wait
And the lives of others begin to taint.
He loves humanity after all
And wants to see all the ways that they could fall.
This is what happens when I start re-watching Durarara for the hell of it.
Welp.. Here ya go!
Now you have to understand
that the greatest gift a child can receive is a sibling.
Wrapped up in that hospital delivery is limitless potential.
They can be your partner in crime,
or the key witness in your conviction.
A sibling fights the same battles you do just with different tactics.
Some prefer to pit mom against dad others dad against mom.

No one will ever walk the earth as close to you.
Part of the DNA that makes you unique flows in their veins.
Even if circumstances change that bond can’t be broken.
They will annoy you, steal from you, drive you crazy,
and if you’re lucky enough hate you. And yet they are your best friend,
confidant, and the person who if you’re unfortunate enough will go to hell
and back as fast for you as you would do for them.

So to all the siblings out there.
May you be playmates in adversity and friendly rivals in joy
Happy Siblings Day

— The End —