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Marg Balvaloza May 2018
Of all the things I tried to hold on for so long
You were the one that made me believe myself that I am strong—-
        strong enough for you to forget the pain of yesterday
        strong enough for you to take all of my fears away!
I really never know that I’d come this far
After the thought of having you forever, on my side
My love, just a kiss from you could make me smile—-
a smile that will give me courage all through the while!

{ l.m.l.b }
You are 'always' a risk worth taking. // 05.06.18
svdgrl Apr 2014
"Don't try too hard."
Beloved mantra for today's people
who are so scared to be disrobed.
What ugliness are they hiding?
When there is a chance of failure,
to try is to be naked.
I forget this memo occasionally.
I'm the one who makes passionate love
to my attempts, embracing ******,
and this, sometimes, I come to regret.
But there are times when
my results are beautiful,
and worth every inch of shame ridden.

— The End —