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I wear my queer in my hips
Hops and slips out of my lips
Through my teeth and past my brain
Guided by my tongue's tip

Between my ears and with my fears
Hopes dreams
The like
I've been called stingy
A fake gay
But God is on my side.

Not that its any of Their business either.
They manifested my body,
But my mind manifests my queer.
I haven't asked Their pronouns
And they haven't either,
                     Then what right do you have?
Jade C Mar 2020
What lies beneath
my pillowy curves, chapstick, strong thighs
hairiness and oceanic longing

I occupy the shadow realm
an androgynous angel
contained in a hyper-feminized body
wave surfing and casting spells with seashells

I enjoy rough-housing and buttery
holding hands and throwing fists
making sand castles and
climbing pointy rocks

when I sip from my thermos of hot pu’erh
a tiger in my belly growls at the seagulls
circling above
sea foam folds like dough

my insides always howling in disagreement
with my outside
I am inspired by the seahorse,
the anemones who exist without binaries

I occupy that entrancing darkness
the liminal realm
just below sea level
a queer body that is limitless and beautiful
Kai Jan 2020
Woolen caps and puffy coats
The crowd yet further bloats
On and on and another one yet
Totaling an ever higher net
No room to breathe here
A thousand thousand men
A ***** glare too often
A single crimson strand
Hidden in the most common brand

— The End —