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Keiya Tasire Jul 2019
May you find
peace, harmony
love and joy.
Stay close with pondering
meditation and prayer.
Remain teachable.

Let go of pride
seeking riches
fame, power and control.
Let go of negativity.

With wisdom
Grow through failings
That you be not ensnared.

Choose the higher path.
Love. Forgive.  
Be Forgiveness.

Remain strong
Never give up
Never loose hope.

Seek a full life
In service
of the highest good
For all.

Share Love.
Receive Love.
Give of yourself freely
in service to others.
If you do
You will find great joy.

Stay connected
To the Spirit.

Stay true
To your Heart's Song.

So in Life, as in Death
You will be always preserved.

The measure
Of your creation
With Joy.
A poem prayer I wrote to myself during a difficult time in my life.  May peace and joy always be with you.

— The End —