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Phia Aug 2016
So far you are
An entire novel
In a single paragraph.
Don't end your story
Before it's truly begun
Project semicolon. This is to those who made the choice to keep living, to not end their story too soon no matter how badly they wanted to. Stay strong, you're golden ♡♡♡♡
Chaos Jul 2015
Yesterday was tough
Tougher than before
It broke me down inside
Left me crumbled on the floor
But then I remembered
the semicolon

Today was hard
Harder than before
It killed my soul a little
Left me bleeding on the floor
But then I remembered
the semicolon

A small mark
Seems insignificant
But when examined further
Becomes magnificent
An authors way
Of saying hold on
don't give up just yet
there is plenty more to come

Tomorrow will be painful
More painful than before
It will break me down
Leave me broken on the floor
But I will remember
Forever more
That small, simple mark
Giving out hope for all

*the semicolon
Inspired by Project Semicolon

— The End —