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JM McCann Jul 2015
This **** is so confusing.
My head is in this fog, I don’t notice the cop and
they pull me over got my address birthday and name
does that mean I will get a ticket?
Like is the universe worthwhile?
What? Why? How? And all that other b.s asked ten billion times
I was bored before so I watched youtube now I question the entirety of the universe
and if this can be considered poetry?
Can the flow of the universe be considered poetry? Magic? Science?
If many of us had a dollar for every minute we where alive many of us
would be shockingly low on funds.

Freedom is the greatest bout of ******* since equality.
Is a pet parrot free cause it gets to pick the time it *****?
We are free, so free when you get arrested for walking through a
door that some guy— cause let’s face it the world is ****** up and sexist—
said you no, yet the alternative is far worse where every door is open
yet where is the middle ground is everything bounded to be perputally ******
Are the police always going to be ******* who we can’t live without?
Are they gonna be the ****** who cross the lines to yell at others who cross the lines
or who bring tanks where words worked?
Are robots gonna **** up everything?
Is science going to discover that heaven is five hundred million miles
away yet still a place?
Is science going to prove that the universe was created by a god
watching over five thousand galaxies?
I feel like goverments would bond over their desire
to conquer god, claiming he she or whatever the **** it is
is after us?
I bet that’s how the world ends:
Nation states bicker over what to do with god
and some idiot in a control room will hit the wrong button
causing world war’s three, four and five.
Then we will move to space and **** up mars
and mars bars will finally get exposed.
A frustrated outburst

— The End —