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Corey Nov 2018
Pulled from falling apart
after searching for life,
Start drawing gridlines
that help achieve focus on
the simple things that make
life beautiful:
laughter and smiles,
love and gratitude,
the product of its kind
and unique approach.

Receive enthusiastic praise
from all over the world.
Spend more time with
family and friends
and less time, well, trying.
The mission is simple:
inspire a life that is
full of laughter and smiles.
Little moments matter
on your journey.

The result of a blackout poem I did on the inside introduction of my new planner.
Sitting in a crowded room,
everybody has something to say,
i try to tell a story but
nobody would listen.

At that moment when i try to  raise my voice,
i just realise that am blocked out.
I sit alone in a crowed room and i wonder what my purpose is.

Much of a helper thats all i am,
much of a planner thats what i am,
so much of a listener and a talker when something needs to be solved,
but less than that am blocked out,
less than that am invisible.
Thats what i am
just less than that
When you just realise that people only come to you when they need help, less than that you are unknown.

— The End —