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Julia Mar 2020
Assume the role of groundskeeper
entirely and entitledly. This is
your destiny: as a human
being your role is to care for
every plant, animal, and
fungus as your kin, for they
are the material that breeds us.
Permaculture is a simple tale:
Listen, and you will be told;
Ask, and you will be answered;
Play and you will be happy :)
Your propagations, transplants,
and seeds will grow,
flower, and reseed...
written Oct. 2, 2018
Dinesh Padisetti Mar 2020
There is beauty in working with hands
That I can never describe in words
Yet here I give it a try, before my land goes dry

Everyday I sow seeds & plant plants
Without knowing what they'll look like
In years to come, when there's no music to hum

Some say it's boring farm work
Under hot sun & cold rain
Yet I keep doing it over & over

For I know why I'm growing
As it's the only way to a world
Free of tyranny, depression & eternal suffering

So I'll keep growing till my land goes dry
For I need to feed the last man on earth
Give him hope & few seeds to grow.
From the time when I was working in a permaculture farm

— The End —