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Temporary happiness
Temporary comfort
Temporary people
No one
Wishes for

I'm that
No one
I think
You are too

Be someone's forever
The mental health
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Examined Life
My love is so innocent that she carries her heart in her eyes
Light of galaxies of stars surrounds her I can easily recognize
Land kisses her feet ,glowing cheeks are touched by the skies
Love and beauty are chained from the beginning in love ties

The words fail when I appreciate your beauty as a real lover
Only my emotions and sentiments make my heart ,soul stir
For silly questions of the world I do not just have any answer
Love is strange thing either one takes to the gallows or to altar

Light of God travels in man in the shape of real ordained soul
Man being chained in fine love strings only plays his real role
He is like a deserter from paradise being on temporary parole
From pace to pace ,pole to pole strangeness prevails as a whole

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

— The End —