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Travis Kroeker Feb 2020
Some nights I am a leaky faucet,
my journal catches drips.
Those nights I sleep, the faucet fixed,
my journal dry,
it rips.
Sammie Oct 2018
Love me like I am your only addiction,
that always keeps you on the edge
Love me so real like that romantic fiction,
that looks so much like a ledge!!
Love me like I am your lovely yet unfinished dream,
that makes you work hard to make it real
Love me so soft that only for you my heart scream,
that finally lets this broken soul heal!!
Love me like I am your entire world,
that is running up and down in pace
Love me like I am to be kept furled,
that would ******* out of my hiding place!
Crave for the love that keeps you off the edge always.
Find a love that is an adventure everyday!
For to love is to live!

— The End —