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brandon nagley Jun 2016
Mine lily of the valley, mine lotus of the unrestrained.
Mine Senna alata, mine allay of human angst;
Mine Kalinaw in mine Stygian juncture's,
Mine Kaulayaw aloft the extraterrestrial
Structures.                          Mine Paraluman that giveth me these word's to writeth, the one that bringeth me excite;
In mine core thou art invited.
Mine Kundiman by which I replay in this skull,
Mine hand of time, mine angelic mind-
That I do learn from.
Mine Makisig precious stone, undug from the clay,
Mine, all mine, I canst sayest it all day.
Mine past, present, future; woman of now, forever's our's
Mine Jane. O' how Dalisay, O' how Dalisay, doth ourn water run sparkling; Only because mine love, we sip it as queen and king. One time soon, to shareth wedded ring's, wherein the pain's of the now; art gone and unforseen.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry'
©Earl jane sardua Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedicated
Senna alata- an important medicinal tree that flowers in Philippines.
Allay- alleviate, alleviation.
Angst- anxiety, dread
Kalinaw- filipino word means serenity and tranquility.
Stygian - very dark.
Kaulayaw- a pleasant intimate companion.
Paraluman- a muse inspires artistically.
Kundiman- love song.
Makisig - dashing, gorgeous.
Dalisay- pure and undiluted.

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— The End —