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Olivia Lost Mar 2019
I do not want to group every person of your gender in the same bucket but MAN you make me feel the need to.
How can I not when every MAN that promised me loyalty ends up delivering mind games and heart break.
Why do MEN tell me things that make my thighs tingle well you have your head between hers.
When will I stop letting MEN play me like an old video game just for the possibility they will be the "one".
Again and again I fall for men that are falling for too many other women.
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2017
I've been told
That I make
Too many

That I should
Ask before
I decide
Something's true.

But why would I?
I've tried
Only to have
Curiosity thrown
in my face
Or they've lied.

I'd rather trust myself
than gamble
with you.

Earlier today I was complimented on my intuitive nature and it made me realize something...

— The End —