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Olivia Lost Apr 6
And maybe I should have know it was too good to be true. But I fell hard for you and really wanted to believe you were the one. You quickly became the air to my lungs and the blood in my veins. So who do I blame when I’m left grasping for air and fighting for life. Because I allowed myself to fall, you don’t trick me.
Olivia Lost Mar 24
I do not want to group every person of your gender in the same bucket but MAN you make me feel the need to.
How can I not when every MAN that promised me loyalty ends up delivering mind games and heart break.
Why do MEN tell me things that make my thighs tingle well you have your head between hers.
When will I stop letting MEN play me like an old video game just for the possibility they will be the "one".
Again and again I fall for men that are falling for too many other women.
Olivia Lost Mar 14
Two broken hearts will not fit into one full heart.
We know this, we have tested this.
But we will try anyways, we both need this.  
Because if for a second it takes the pain away then isn't it worth it?
Olivia Lost Mar 10
I hope she can love you as I did, but this time I hope you will stay.
Olivia Lost Mar 3
Learning to live with just being someone you loved.
Olivia Lost Mar 3
Do you realize the complexity to feeling as if the best moments of your life are behind you.
That you have had your great love and you will never be able to feel that way again.
Every person there after will be compared to him and will not measure up.
To feel as if you are settling for the rest of your life.
I am beyond broken hearted, I am always lost.
I love him but he left ...
Olivia Lost Mar 1
- -
If you can not handle my sharp tongue, you do not deserve my breath.
If my emotions are too much for you, how do you expect to understand how I love.
If my body does not fit your fantasy, you will never be my dream.
If my drive and ambition bothers you, my future will surpass you,
What you see as flaws is what I consider my strengths.
This comes from a realization that you will never be everyone's cup of tea, but I don't want to be a cup of tea.
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