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Olivia Lost Apr 2020
What if we were the reality and now we are just sleeping.
Does that mean she is your dreams and I am the nightmare?
Olivia Lost Sep 2019
I used to hope we would be eternal.
Sadly you and I are just nocturnal.
Olivia Lost Sep 2019
I let someone in again.
It was magical, pure bliss.
I let him hold my heart.
I let him break my heart.
It is dark again, where is the end.
I let someone in again.
Olivia Lost Jun 2019
And I realized it wasn’t that it was heavy.
My hands were just not able to hold on.
Sometimes we are at fault too.
Olivia Lost Jun 2019
One word that can explain this feeling of knowing our time together is wrong but having it feel so right.
Olivia Lost May 2019
I was never enough for you.
Many since praise how enough I am for them.
But they were never enough for me.
How can I be enough for you?
I need to be enough for you.
Olivia Lost May 2019
The rug from underneath me was pulled so quickly it left me with whiplash. Leaving me unbalanced and unable to stop my world from spinning out of control. So many questions racing through my bruised mind but no ability to say anything except "Don't leave me".
It was too late, you left before I even knew it was a thought in your mind.
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