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Angellah Nyamai Mar 2021
When the clock is ticking,
The society can’t stop buzzing,
In the silence within
All these voices are breaking my head
The pressure is flowing

The longest time ever is waiting
When will I wake up from this dream?
Counting the steps to the finish line
Looking tired but hopeful to win
Walking myself to the goal

Deep inside the broken pieces are lost
The reflection of own face in the mirror is betraying
Anything sweet I knew have grown wings
Loneliness and anger has found a home inside

When I finally wake up
I would not wish to dream again
The dream gives but sweet memories
The reality no one knows
One day I will heal and smile again.
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
Everything is moving,
Everything is too fast.

Life is loosing momentum,
Life has become a drag.

How do I make the sounds slow down?
How can I silence a hunger so loud?

When my heart beat resonates like a drum.
When my ears are hot they start to erupt.

I can’t feel me,
I have lost me.

Who can hear me?
Who can help me?

Say I’m enough?
Say I’m strong?

Inside I feel weak.
Outside I don’t belong.

How to forget?
How to live another day?

Stay and fight?
Run and escape?

What will **** the memories?
What will numb the pain?

I am alone?
I am ok?

Is there another way?
Is this the end?

Can I end it?
Can I end it all today?

I fight,
I live another day?
Pineapple Isle Oct 2016
Dreams take flight in my mind
My head's in the clouds
I won't come down
I don't want to
I'm forever a dreamer

The view is beautiful up here
I want to turn what I see into reality
I can't give up
Nor stop dreaming
I think I'll shrivel up if I do

I keep my head in the clouds to remind me
What I'm working toward
So I won't give up my dreams
I'm still young but I'm sure it's all too easy
To let them slip away

I'll always keep an eye on the sky
And float above the clouds from time to time
With my starry eyes
To stay grounded

— The End —