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Pineapple Isle Oct 2016
Dreams take flight in my mind
My head's in the clouds
I won't come down
I don't want to
I'm forever a dreamer

The view is beautiful up here
I want to turn what I see into reality
I can't give up
Nor stop dreaming
I think I'll shrivel up if I do

I keep my head in the clouds to remind me
What I'm working toward
So I won't give up my dreams
I'm still young but I'm sure it's all too easy
To let them slip away

I'll always keep an eye on the sky
And float above the clouds from time to time
With my starry eyes
To stay grounded
Oswin Juristy Apr 2015
I'm not one for reality
Like so many humans with their mortality
My heads in the clouds
My brain is so loud
But really thats just a technicality
ryn Dec 2014
Cradle my emotions in the gentlest of whispers
Lace my heart with sultriest of ribbons
Fill full my sail with the worthiest of winds
Engulf my being in the sweetest of notions

Colour me beautiful with the most vibrant of rainbows
Propel my universe into the farthest reaches
Soothe my aches with the most abundant love
Carry my vessel to the sandiest of beaches

Embed my thoughts within the fluffiest clouds
Let soar my dreams on the bravest of kites
Set my destination in the furthest horizons
Present me with life's buffet with the tastiest of bites

— The End —