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alessandra manco Jun 2014
a trembling reaction
to every way you fought to keep my hands in yours
a fickle name to how your eyelids only leaked promises
and how i only ever met your lips with broken glass
you tried to pry the answers from my cigarette but you forgot that I buried your baby teeth in the backyard last summer
one, two,
count my fingers out the window like your swans almost in flight
every creature passed under your embrace learned how to curve their wings up like forged protection
from your spitfire

our teeth leak venom and motor oil, it tastes like how your fists feel against your children's skin
when you wrap the women in chains made of expensive gifts and shattered promises, sometimes they clean their teeth and fight back.

maybe i won't remember to draw the curtains after you leave

but i'll always leave a key under your pillow.
June 3rd, 2014
alessandra manco May 2014
fingertips breed restlessness like lovers breathe music
faeries are alight within the dust caught in a sunbeam
the wind sing-whispers to the quivering blades of grass, melodies
one, two,
easy words leak from wind-kissed lips
nail beds caught in hesitation
what a revelation, nettles turn their stinging ****** up towards the expression
towards the sun.

i revel in this daydream like a kitten in warm milk
easing, reaching, yearning
hold me closer than you hold each breath.
May 20th, 2014

— The End —